War Thunder Acronyms List


War Thunder Acronyms List?by Pony51

Compiled a list of common acronyms you might see and hear in game, written for English audience with foreign info as appropriate..
PM me if I missed any.
Translations welcome!


GJ ??? Gaijin (could also mean Good Job if used alone, during game chat and such)

MM?? Match Maker, the system that groups players from various servers into a game.

UTC????Coordinated Universal Time, the high precision 1963 successor to GMT (below), in aviation and nautical reporting is called ?Zulu (time)?
GMT ? ???Greenwich Mean Time, nautical time zone with Prime Meridian (0 hour) in Greenwich, direct foundation for UTC and still often used, but not longer official.
AM/PM? ?AM? Latin phrase for?Ante Meridiem??before noon? (00:00:00 ~ 11:59:59), and ?PM? for?Post Meridiem?after noon? (12:00:00 ~ 11:59:59)
24h????? ?24 hour time, from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.

Diso/DC/dumped/booted ? lost connection to server / disconnected from?

Typed Communications:
kk ???? (understood) origin: ?k, kool?
cc ???? (copy that/understood) origin: EIther ?Click Click? of pilots mic as informal acknowledgement of non-critical message, or old typing shorthand for ?carbon copy?.
vox ??? voice comms

TS???? Team Speak (or TeamSpeek)

hf ??? have fun,

gl?????? good luck,

dh????? die hard

GG ??? Good Game

FM?? ?Flight Model
DM?? ?Damage Model

LoD?? Level of Detail
Allied?air forces (major powers):
VVS??????Voyenno Vozdushnye Sily?(???????-????????? ???? (????), literally ?Military Air Forces (of Soviet Union)?)
RAF/FAA??????Royal Air Force?&?Fleet Air Arm?United Kingdom (note UK Commonwealth air forces?RAAF,RNZAF,?RCAF,?RIAF).
USAAF/USN??United States Army Air Force?(in 1947 made separate branch, dropped ?Army?, thus?USAF), /United States Navy

Axis?air forces (major powers):
LW???????Luftwaffe, Germany ?(German wiki)
RA???????Regia Aeronautica Italiana?(Italiano wik) (all units incorporated in German branch)
DTK???? Dainippon Teikoku <branch> K?k?butai (?????<branch>????, lit. Japanese Imperial <branch> Airforces). Imperial Japan (IJ) also had a?Navy?and?Army?(Navy was dominant) (English writing and wiki as?IJNand?IJA) The English phonetic of IJ use ?DTK??**

**?This acronyms is based on native saying of the forces, if not correct way to present please let me know.

Munitions, ammo basics (see this post for more explanations)

RCM? ? ?Rifle Caliber Machine gun??(also RCMG or Medium MG), rounds 7~8mm (0.303in) in diameter

BB???? ?? nickname for RCM becuase RCM seem to do no damage, like BB?s? (technically BB is 4.5mm / 0.177in diameter)

HMG??? ?Heavy Machine Gun?, rounds 12 to 15mm in diameter (50 caliber equivalent)

Cannon? Anything 15mm and bigger

Major classes for munitions (combinations of below possible, except for Ball):
HE ?????High Explosive type (link is for fragmentation type), effect like a mini-grenade (fragmentation type uses fragments with the HE effect)
AP??????Armored Piercing
I?? ???????Incendiary?(fire causing), often added suffix with AP (less often with HE)
T?? ?????Tracer, has easily visible tail, but design is less likely to cause fire, often added suffix to another type
?Ball? ? Simple solid round, a?Bullet, replaced/updated with others (used because its cheap), often used for practice.

Bombs classes (extremely broad variety, this is just general list):
Kg/Lb??Kilograms?(Kg) and?Pounds?(lb). ?1 Kg = 2.2 Lb?s. ?Use for bomb weight,?for simplicity?divide Lb by 2 (500lb = 250Kg)
HE?????? High Explositve

GP????? General Purpose (less explosive fill), something in-between an HE and AP.

AP?????? Armor piercing (hardened nose with delay timer, used against hardened objects and ships)

A-P ???? Anti-Personnel? (smaller grenade like bombs designed to scatter wide and equipped with variety of fuses

Mines? Air dropped mines against ships and vehicles


IBTL ??NOT PERMITTED TO USE IN FORUMS? (means ?In before the lock?)

Other games you might see mentioned:

GJ?????Gaijin Entertainment?is the maker of WT and other games (do not confuse with?Gaijin Games, totally different)
WT??? ? War T? what was it now?
WoP ????Wings of Prey?precursor to WT.

WoL?????WIngs of Luftwaffe?add on to WoP, expanding to WT.

BoS??????Birds of Steel, it is the ps3 and xbox360 game that became War Thunder.
WoT?? ? World of Tanks, from Wargaming.net, where survivors came from.
WoWP ? World of Warplanes from Wargaming.net, competing sim
IL-2? ? ? Old but still popular sim game when talking about games, engine for WoP, otherwise name of aircraft IL-2 Strumovik.
CoD? ???Cliffs of Dover, competing war sim games (less likely use if Call of Duty)
AH??? ? ??Aces High, ?competing air sim wargame.
BGE ????WWII Online: Battleground Europe?a competing and very, very old MMO game.

AW??? ???Air Warrior? (possibly the first multiplayer?air combat?game, closed Dec 7, 2001)
WB ? ? ??Warbirds? (very old game still being updated)

UI ?(User Interface):
GE??? ?Gold Eagles- Purchased with real money is the major currency that can be exchanged for SL, XP, CS, or special equipment.
SL???? ?Silver Lions- Minor currency used to purchase all manner of items, from airplanes to upgrades to munitions.
XP???? ?eXPeriance- earned to unlock next higher level of units (earned in game or can be purchased from GE).
CS???? ?Crew Skill Experience, earned playing and applied to each crew slot, can be purchased from GE (different from XP).

AB ??????Arcade Battles (easy flight and DM model, use any or all aircraft in lineup)
HB?? ????Historic Battles (realistic FM, DM, only 1 aircraft)
FRB? ???Full Real Battle (like HB, but cockpit view only, no markers on any aircraft, object.)

In game:
EA ?Enemy Aircraft
ET ?Enemy Tank
EB ?Enemy Boat
PB ?Pillbox, bunker.
AA or AAA ?Anti-Air Armament (yes, enemy)

Alpha??? Markers (airfields, buildings) with ?A?

Bravo??? Markers with ?B?

Charlie? Markers with ?C?

Delta???? Markers with ?D?

BnZ??? ?Boom and Zoom, diving in, attacking target, fly away; used by less maneuverable but fast aircraft
TnB ????Turn and Burn, turn with target until flaming mess; used by maneuverable aircraft.
TG???? ?Tail Gunner, defensive gun on aircraft that have them (usually but not always refere to rear one).

RTB ? Returning to base (if addressing someone else, add their name)
WT or WP ? Way Point (path to follow)
IP ? Initial Approach (point where bomber turns to target and starts run)

BUFF? Bomber (Big Ugly Fat ?Fella?,? a term first used with B-52?s, bit of a time-warp term)

LF?????? Little Friends, fighters

?o?clock?????? simple method of indicating direction to object based on?analog clock face laid over aircraft?(see image at below).
High/Low?? ?simple method to indicate height of object, often said with clock direction
666 (or any combination of 6)??? ?EA behind someone (maybe YOU!), on their ?6 o?clock position?


jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj?? ?Someone *trying* to bail out.

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