War Thunder Bombing Tips


War Thunder Bombing Tips?by Sliver

Things to know?

  • Bombs have no-clipping in mid air, or when bouncing? This means you cannot kill an aircraft with a falling bomb or a bomb bouncing on the ground.
  • Bombs/Rockets are not affected by the speed of the plane that launches them? they both have a set speed when launched.
  • Torpedoes ARE AFFECTED by the speed they are launched? A torpedo launched properly at speeds over 800km/h, can travel well over 3km to the target.
  • Bomb-Activation Time ? Have no other effects than having your bomb explode after a certain period of hitting the ground/water. If it hits a destroyable unit? it will simply bounce through. This activation timer is helpful for low altitude-deck bombers so they don?t bomb themselves. This does not affect rockets or torpedoes.
  • Japanese Mark 27 Rockets (60kg) and the Russian RS-82 Rockets : these ordinance have very little splash, they?re intended for Air Targets, so if you want to use them for Ground targets, they must be direct hits? and on Heavy tanks? will not 1-hit-kill to the front.
  • HIT THE CENTER MASS ? Less chance of missing and getting splash damage on the target(s)
  • 50mm Cannon (on the Me410 /U4) ? You CAN take out destroyers with this cannon? need to aim for specific spots? otherwise your cannon round will phase through the destroyer. The same applies to Pillboxes? but for some odd reason? there are higher chances of your rounds just phasing through. YOU CAN take out Heavy Tanks with the cannon in 1 shot; however, you must shoot it either directly on the top, or directly behind. It must be a direct hit, not splash.
  • Tanks & Cannons ? It is possible to kill tanks with cannon rounds. However, you must shoot from the sides, or from behind. The bigger the calibre, the less shots, they also must be direct hits, it?s very easy to get splash damage on ground targets.
  • Cargo Ships & Cannons ? Shoot them on the deck-bridge area. In some cases? some of the cargo ships just have bullets phasing through them.
  • Planes & Ground targets ? Planes explode with the force of 1 HVAR rocket with a splash of a 100lb bomb (about 250lbs when it?s a B17), use at your own discretion.
  • Bridges ? These usually come in 2 parts? its quite possible to take both parts out with splash damages from 2 500lb bombs.
  • Airfield ? For maximum effect, drop bombs on the section where planes can repair ie: the actual landing strip

Japanese Bombs ? What are the difference between Mod?Marks and Type?Mods Bombs? Well? Currently?. Nothing! These are designations are just that. How to tell what bomb does what? well that?s easy? first? all the bombs are High Explosive? that?s a given? now, special properties? Look at the nose tip, and for the fuse. Armour Piercing Bombs have their fuses on the tail section-tail fins and have a pointy nose. ? Lets go through the list?

  • Type 97 Mod 6 (50kg) Naval Bomb ? Land Targets ? Armour Piercing *No effect ingame* ***Proper name: Type 97 Number 6
  • Mod 25 Mark 2 (250kg) Naval Bomb ? Ordinary * This is a special bomb that does 4x the amount of damage to Naval Targets ***Proper name: Number 25 Model 2
  • Type 98 Mod 25 (250kg) Naval Bomb ? Land Targets ***Proper name: Type 98 Number 25
  • Mod 50 Mark 2 (500kg) Naval Bomb ? Ordinary ***Proper name: Number 50 Model 2
  • Type 92 Mod 50 (500kg) ? Army Bomb ***Proper name: Type 92 Number 50
  • Mod 80 Mark 1 (1000kg) ? Naval Bomb ? Ordinary ***Proper Name: Number 80 Model 1
  • Type 99 Mod 80 (1000kg) ? Naval Bomb ? Ordinary ? Use for capital ships. Armour Piercing/Ships *current has no effect in game ***Proper name: Type 99 Number 80

Type = Year of adoption
Number = Approx. wt. in kg by adding zero
Model = Major change in bomb
Modification = Minor change in bomb
Land = Land use bomb
Ordinary = General Purpose
Mark 1-33 = Special bombs

  • These bombs also have special color coding on its Nose, Body, Tail Fins, and certain bands that help you tell the difference if its used by the Navy (Gray Color) or Army(Black colour)? and where the Bomb was intended from Ships (Grey) or Land (Green nose/Tail fin).

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