War Thunder Dive Bombing Guide

War Thunder Dive Bombing Guide?by Heliosiah

In?HB?and?FRB?there are no bombing cursors for fighters. So, how do you line up a target?

There are two ways,?Dive Bombing, and?Glide Bombing. For now I?ll do?Dive Bombing. It is really rather simple and only requires you to practice to get a feel for it. It?s easier to start off in?HB?difficulty for this task since you are able to use Virtual HUD mode, and that?ll come in handy for practice.

Dive Bombing.

As the bomb falls through the air, it is pulled down by the gravity of the Earth. It also has the planes forward momentum, and also has air-resistance pushing back on it. The curved path leading towards the ground is called the trajectory. Due to the curve, you must release the bomb some distance short of the target. But due to trail, caused by the air-resistance, the bomb would fall short, so you must lead your target.


  • The straight black dotted line is your ?Line of Flight.? The curved black dotted line is the ?Bomb Path?, and the straight blue dotted line is your ?Line of Sight.? Line up your target. You change your lead by changing your line of flight, either pulling the nose up or down based on your estimation. Your line of flight goes beyond your original line of sight because you have to lead your target. This is why a slightly steep angle of 70 degrees is easier to do. Because it leaves less room for error, and it makes it easier for you to keep your eyes on your target.
  • Approach from an angle to the target at?2,000?2,400m.?6,000?8,000ft.
  • When your target reaches the first ring on your map nose over an begin the dive.

dive bomb 1

dive bomb 2

  • You should pull back the throttle so you don?t over speed.?(I didn?t because I was just trying to get screenshots :p)
  • Your approach angle should be between 60 and 70 degrees.

dive bomb 3

  • Lead your target. You?ll get a feel for what the correct amount of lead looks like.
  • Release your bombs at?3,000ft?or?900m?1,000m.

dive bomb 4 dive bomb 5

Little Histories: Gil Wymond of the 57th fighter group, brainchild behind turning the P-47 into one of the most efficient ground attack units of the war. By simply and?crudely?fashioning a tank release on the floor on the front of the cockpit together. This allowed the pilot to simultaneously drop bombs by simply leaning forward to drop his bombs, and being able to keep his eyes on the target.


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