War Thunder Ground Forces Medium Tank Tips

War Thunder Ground Forces Medium Tank Tips?by iRazgriz

Greetings everyone? As OBT draws near, I guess it?s time to talk about tactics and preferred engagements.

In this particular post, medium tanks strategies. Both Russian and German. Basically, holding in a single place tactics and strategies you found useful against your enemies.

As at the moment I basically played only the Panzer IV and Panther line, up to the Panther II, I guess I could start giving out a few tips with them.

Range is your friend. Really. Your best friend.

Don?t rely on your armor. Ever. Doesn?t matter who you are facing, the distance nor anything else. The Panther?s turret especially seem to be made out of live ammos and, 95% of the times, a shot at the front of it will blow you up in tiny pieces, doesn?t matter the angle.

The hull instead, MG port aside, seems to actually give you enough protection, even against IS2s if put at a very steep angle.

What I suggest is, when facing any kind of Russian tank in a 1v1 situation at close range, is to try and get a small hill between you and him, briefly exposing the front of your hull multiple times.

3 things usually happen.

-He wastes a shot on your front glacis

-He misses

-He gets impatient and moves in.

In case 1 and 2, exceptional cases aside, you won the fight. Pop out, blast him with the damn powerful 75mm and enjoy the show.

If he attacks, you usually still have an advantage, but things might go horribly wrong and your ammo rack explodes.

Don?t be afraid to shoot the IS2s hull. It?s not that tough after all. Careful with that gun though. He can blow you to pieces by looking at you funny.

If a T44 exposes you the right side, ?it?s GG? [quote].

Shoot at the front of the hull between the tracks or at the rear of the turret for a nice explosion.

For T34s, generally any part of the hull will do the trick.

Don?t waste ammos on the lower glacis of a T54. At the moment you get only empty hits. The upper hull is harder to penetrate, but at least you can damage stuff.

Going full Ghost Division and dashing trough the map hoping to flank someone will most likely get you killed. Seems a logical thing, but it?s not for most people.

If you want to grind the Panthers, prepare for a long serie of frustrating ammorackings. Even if I hear that the situation of the T44 isn?t great either.

Anything to share? Especially russian tankers, as driving a T34 requires a completely different set of skills.

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