War Thunder High Altitude Level Bombing (HB) Tips


War Thunder High Altitude Level Bombing (Historical Battle) Tips?by Trilandian

For success in high-altitude level bombing, do the following:

  1. Turn off gunner/bomber autopilot (you?re not in Arcade anymore junior, time to take off them training wheels).
  2. Choose a bomb load with the maximum QUANTITY of bombs (unless specifically going for pillboxes/ships). Most ground targets can be killed with a direct hit from a 50 kg bomb.
  3. Climb to bombing altitude (no duh). Unless the threat of enemy fighters and AAA is anomalously low, this should usually be no lower than 2,500 meters. Anyway, the higher the better.
  4. Before the run, position yourself in such a way that you have as many targets as possible as lined-up as possible.
  5. Shortly before the run, engage combat flaps to increase stability.
  6. Use the ailerons to correct your angle of approach, and to compensate for overturning (usually, this is accomplished by lowering the wing that?s outside of your turn angle).
  7. Try to learn your bomber?s swaying pattern, and compensate for it with properly-timed course corrections.
  8. Fly as level as possible to reduce bomb spread.
  9. Never drop bombs unless precisely on target (haste makes waste).
  10. Don?t try to hit moving targets; it?s hard enough hitting them from a 300 meter altitude, much less from a 3,000 meter altitude.
  11. Once out of bombs, GTFO by means of raising your flaps and pointing your nose directly at the approach of your team?s airfield.
  12. If, at any point, an enemy fighter engages you from behind, take manual control of your guns. You?ll be surprised how effective this is at scaring them off (or even killing them, if they?re too stubborn).
  13. Profit.

Also, you should familiarize yourself with the bombadier sight to the extent that you can pilot your plane through its use.

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