War Thunder New 190A5 vs The Premium Mk IX Guide

War Thunder New 190A5 vs The Premium Mk IX Guide?by tajj

Anyway, from the games I have had in the 190A5 there is quite an issue here when facing the US premium Mk IX.

I?d be interested to hear people?s thoughts of what you can actually do in game as the A5 pilot?

This is how I currently read the situation ?

1. Currently with it at tier 11 and a lot of people owning it you are going to face a good 6+ of these Mk IXs in a game on the US side, not helped by the P-47 moving down to 8 and a general lack of tier 9/10/11 US planes aside form the Kingcobras. (there also doesn?t seem to be any German v British HB maps n the rotation at the moment?)

2. So you will fight A LOT of them, now you climb to the side in your 190, (probably stock), climb rate is ok but after trying my British Mk IX, you are going to have to climb a good 3+ minutes longer to be above them (and that?s relying on them climbing directly) the new improved Mk IX actually has a better low altitude climb rate than it did (due it being corrected to a Merlin 66), it just starts to slow off at around 5km, but it will still get over 7km in game in easily 5 minutes or less.

3. If you get above them then great, you can boom and zoom them using your altitude advantage, 190s are great in a dive and have an excellent zoom so you can just keep bouncing them, plus you have 4 cannons now so getting kills/crits in one pass is pretty easy.

However, this is depending that your team hasn?t all died before you reach there and they climb with you, not easy in public matches. In fact this feels similar to the issues I?ve had with the Mustang and P47s, except most German teams are laden with bombers as well.

4. More likely though is that even climbing to the side some Mk IXs will be above you. So you have to try to equalise or gain the energy state as you are facing a more agile opponent. (no turning with Spitfires). The most sensible way to do this would be to use your superior dive acceleration and speed to dive away to gain separation. The Mk IX can?t dive as fast or as long as a 190 can. That?s the 190 theory anyway?????

5. The key to this is to gain enough separation to enable you to level off, with the Spitfire chasing you, using your greater flat speed to increase the distance and even turn it into a shallow zoom climb, if you repeat this process, you should start regaining the upper hand in the energy and at some point you will be able to force a head on pass (after a half loop) which you can win more easily, or force a break turn, meaning the Spitfire loses more energy, you then Zoom climb) , the Spitfire will either get bored or dive somewhere else, or be a target for high team mates of yours.

6. That?s theory, where it falls flat is if the Spitfire pilot has sense, he won?t follow you very far in the dive, he?ll let you dive away and level off above you. You?ll get separation?initially?but unless you are very high (unlikely in a dive) the Spitfire is faster than you at pretty much all altitudes up to about 5km (even more so when you are stock) so he can close the gap that your dive got, and now you are back where you started with a Spitfire sitting above you.

So you have to repeat your dive process again, until at some point you have nowhere to dive and you are 190 on the deck. ?At this point the Spitfire is faster than you, climbs better than you, turns better than you, and accelerates better than you. Where do you go?

7. Now you might by this time have got rescued by team mates as you have dragged this Spitfire down low as well, but remember you are probably facing a team with 50% or more Spitfires so your team mates may have their own troubles, as again they probably got out climbed. Or you may be able to run to base AA by this point.

Teamwork is OP, but not all of us can fly all the time with a wingman and relying on pubbies is risky as is relying on the totally random AA. Now if you were in the D-13, which is still broken, you would at least have a speed advantage over the Mk IX, when the Spitfire levelled off you could out run them on the flat, the theory works, and that?s a rank 14 plane facing a rank 13 one.

Now am I incorrect here? I honestly can?t think of anyway the 190A5 can currently combat a premium Mk IX unless it has the altitude advantage?

Thoughts welcome.

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