War Thunder Tips Compilation


War Thunder Tips Compilation?by KillerAceUSAF

So this is gong to be a post to help all the green pilots that are going the game. In here there will be posts that give tips and tricks about practically everything in-game; from the way to fly certain aircraft and part-take in fights, to how to attack bombers and how to be a bomber.

Note: This is going to be contently changing and updating as I continue to add my ideas and tips as well as other peoples ideas and tips.

How to engage a bomber?

Step 1: Form an attack plan, it can be a simple one, or a very complex one. It doesn?t matter as long as you have a plan of how you are going to do it.

TIP😕It is best to take your surroundings into consideration. Use the sun, clouds, and rain to make it hard to see you.

Step 2: Attack from above. You do this so you get the biggest target you can possible get. Open fire when you feel comfortable. I usually wait till I am right on top of it so I do the most damage possible.

TIP:??The best places to aim on a bomber are the wings, engines, and the cockpit.

Step 3: Dive below the bomber and pull up and strafe the bomber from below. You are usually safe below them because most bombers don?t have belly gunners.

Step 4: Zoom back above the bomber and re-asses your situation and repeat steps 1-4.

?When dealing with?BOMBERS, If you critically damage/crit a wing (Left/Right), CONTINUE ?HAMMER? THAT side of the aircraft (L/R), reason being that it creates uneven drag, which makes it even HARDER to fly instead of giving the pilot 2 dead wings, that have close to the same amount of drag.

if the wing, engine, flaps. and airloreons are dead/almost no control, shift aim to the?SPAR?of that wing (Where the wing meets the aircraft).

If you destroy the spar, that (mostly) ends up with the wing falling off. Mind on your Wings, Wings in the Air? ? ? -BuildBruh Level 11 german

?Very Importantly, don?t sit right behind a bomber, as I have quite a few kills against 109/190s who thought that slotting in behind a B-17 is a good idea?

?Don?t be afraid to attack bombers from below with low-yoyo?s. The bomber pilot will not have many options, they will try to:

-climb a little bit more (maybe to give the gunner a clear shoot on u), but they are not very energetic planes, so they will stall eventually

-stay on course (even better)

-turn (don?t be afraid, at negative Gs the gunners are not so great aimers, or not at all)

-dive, which will give u an opportunity to gain air superiority and atack him from above like in the top of this topic


If u can attack them like in a ?Head on? don?t miss that opportunity, u can either kill their pilot, or at least set one engine on fire. However, careful with Bombers which are also Attackers, they have some offensive armament on nose. Also be careful after this, don?t turn in his 6 or above him, zoom or gain distance as much as possible before re-engage.


Pay attention if u kill a gunner, that gives u an window of opportunity


The most important thing though is?to not engage any bomber if are fighters left. Big mistake, even experienced pilots do that awfull approach sometimes.

PS: be always aware of your fire power, if u dont have enough of it, dont engage heavily armored tgts

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