Ahoy thar, Legion! Got some news that the livestream last week was not technically Devstream 73, as that’s apparently going up today. Why they skipped one then did two back to back I has no idea, but either way I’ll recap n’ review it for ya on Monday! I logged in the other day and whaddya know? I gots me a free weapon! The Azima is an automatic secondary that you get completely free just for logging into the game enough days. Ya can’t beat free, but how does it handle? Truth be told, Legion. I am not a fan of secondaries. I make some concessions for the Dex Furis and of course muh Wraith Twin Vipers, but other than them sparingly, I don’t use the things.

Just not my style. That said, what’s it got under the hood? Well, you got here an okayish amount of crit and status sittin’ at 10 percent each, you have a solid fire rate, fairly large magazine capacity, some great accuracy while I’ll highlight in a second, two innate polarity slots and a built-in catalyst! Let’s start with the Pros The crit chance is a bit on the low side, but still high enough you can build for that if ya like. Status chance might be better here if you’ve been collecting all the dual stat event mods that have been released so far. And again that accuracy is quite on point! Single firing at 50 meters is just about pinpoint, and full auto is still an impressively tight spread.

[Giggity] How about the Cons? If you aren’t a fan of secondaries, you probably won’t be converted from with the Azima. I do like the steady fire rate and accuracy, it feels good in function, but I almost wanna have an akimbo variety to go super full auto. The damage is pretty low, so you’ll NEED to jack that up to do anything, these guys are only level 20 for example, and you’ll likely throw in multishot mods to get the most out of it. If you go that route and increase your fire rate, you’ll notice a sharp decline in what was originally a very accurate weapon. Here’s a side by side of the default accuracy compared to a weak multishot and fire rate build I jammed in there. It’ll go from predictable ranged damage to bursty and up close, which ain’t bad, but you’ll need to keep that in mind and alter your playstyle around it.

In the end it is free, so I can’t really harp on it too much, and I did find some fun uses for it! Stuck between two choices and not which to go with? Flip a coin for it! Have a longing to bake some bagels or donuts but are watching your carb intake? Why not stack up a few for a guilt free snack? If you wanna really crank them out, jack up that reload and attack speed baby. AW YEAH!! Line up your friends atop a decent incline and see who can get their magazine to travel the furthest! The mini map geekin out, are ya prone to getting lost in a mission, or simply need to release some OCD tendencies? Why not Azima? ….Of course the trail doesn’t last very long…

So move quickly, Tenno! Finally, if you are in the mood for some Quantum Physics with your Warframe, just reload a few times on top of something tall, then zoom in mid reload and BOOM. The Double Slit experiment. So there you have it, Legion! From party games, baking, and mind-melting science, the Azima does it all! A pistol like no other and a secondary second to none! Build it entirely for damage and it’ll serve ya well… or focus only on ammo capacity and reload speed and goof off with it.

However you have your fun with it, at the end of the day it’s still fun. If you enjoyed this super cereal fifteen forma review of the Azima, we’d be honored if you’d like favorite and share it with your fellow tenno. We always appreciates it when ya does. As always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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