Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the day is treatin’ ya well! Console Squad you’re probably too busy immersing yourself in Update goodness as ya got that yesterday. Just remember to pace yourself and take breaks when ya can. Do that too much and you’ll go blind ya know -_^ For everyone out there wondering how to get your hands on Nitain, we got some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the good! Currently there are two methods of acquiring Nitain! The easiest and most noticable method is through alerts. Many folks actually refer to it as Alertium, and the resemblance to Unobtainium is no coincidence. Every four or so hours an alert for the stuff will pop up and Lotus will squawk at ya about it.

If you aren’t logged in during this time, of course you can’t physically claim it, which is the main source of complaint for folks tryin’ to farm it. I mentioned similar issues with hunting Mesa’s nav coordinates, so I feel your pain! In order to increase your odds with this method, I’d recommend following one of the warframe alert bots they have set up per platform if ya use twitter, the helpful deathsnacks website which I’ll link in the description, or crusin’ the bottom right of the warframe wiki’s main page as you can find all that information there.

If you keep a close eye on any of these methods you’ll have a quick reference to how long you have to acquire it. What about that Bad News? We’re gettin’ there! A few patches ago, DE threw us a bone and added Nitain to the potential drop table of the reworked Sabotage mission type. You’ll not only need to complete the mission, but find all three of the hidden caches to have a chance at snaggin’ one.

And you can do this from your very first day in-game now as Mercury has Sabotage on it. You can choose whatever planet you prefer for a shot at it’s rare material drops, for example, so the choice is yours on where and which faction you face, but the means remain the same. This is basically an adult version of an easter egg hunt so either spread out with friends or take your time and be thorough. I’d recommend fully exploring the level _before_ doing the final objective to save you some potential headaches, and I was able to find all three several times without using loot detector, but some swear by it so know you have that as an option to help guide ya as well Find them all, complete the objective, and head to extraction.

Bad News! You’ll almost never get Nitain from it. You need to find all three to even get a shot at it, and while the drop rate for it exists, right now it’s quite low. And anyone that has farmed Ivara knows RNG isn’t always forgiving. Until the drop rates get boosted in Sabotage, I don’t think it’s worth the potential frustration. While admittedly time gated and annoying in it’s own right, I’d suggest a more laid back gathering approach and just keep tabs on the alert sites I mentioned above. Farm it on your own schedule and terms. Don’t let the game get to ya, Lads! That’s when ya make rash decisions, and I think we all know the saying about a Corpus and his credits being easily parted. The rate they are coming out with nitain required items is fairly low, so as long as you are able to play a few times a week you’ll have a nice amount waitin’ for ya when the time arises. Hopefully you’re able to harvest a nice bunch of em without too much trouble, Legion! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! Thank-you for watching, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!

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