Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope yall had fun savin’ Darvo yet again this weekend. That guy can certainly get himself into trouble, can’t he? Ya lil’ scamp! [Assassination Squad sound effect] Auras 2.0! After all this time, we can finally get auras outside of waitin’ on Alerts! The process to gettin’ em is quite simple but does require a few things from ya: 1. The Silver Grove quest must be at least part way through, if not completed out right. 2. Apothics. These come in three varieties, and while ya serve em on the rocks, I wouldn’t recommend tastin’ em.

Each apothic will summon a specific guardian, and each of those guardians have their own grab bag-a goodies! Nightfall will summon the Loki or Knave Specter. This guy can drop Blind Justice, Pistol Amp, Growing power and Crimson Dervish. Twilight will summon Friendship magic that spawns Saryn or Orphid Specter. She’ll mostly drop Brief Respite, Atlantis Vulcan, Stand United, and sometimes Crossing Snakes. Finally, Sunrise will summon Oberon or the Feyarch Specter who can drop Shotgun Amp, Final Harbinger, and rarely Empowered Blades and High Noon. As ya probaly noticed, they not only have new auras, but also some fairly rare mods at their disposal.

While not stellar, the drop rates are much better off of these than the dumb luck we have available at the moment. Of course you have to factor in the scanning time of the plants beforehand, but even so, might be worth your time to pick a tiger lilly for a decent shot at a rare mod. The new auras run the gamut from great to… different. Pistol and Shotgun amp were long overdue and will help out folks who love rolling with those weapons, while Stand United will… increase… everyone’s armor. That one coulda used some more razzle dazzle is all I’m sayin’! Good luck on your Aura farmin’, Legion! At the very least this’ll guarantee Tenno to have auras on demand instead playing at the mercy of Alert rewards, which is nice. And I believe Warframe vets can summon these guys for their friends of the game just starting out and help them out with some free mod capacity! …Though I suppose you could just trade em for it…

but what’s the challenge in that! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like favorite and share it with your fellow Tenno. We always appreciates it when ya does! Friday we got a special Warframe let’s play episode starrin’ the Misses takin’ her first stab at the game, so if ya’d tune into that we’d be ever-so-grateful, but until then! Thank-you for watchin, enjoy the new mods, and I’ll catch ya next time, Legion! Take care!.

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