Ahoy thar, Legion! With the new update likely to drop any day now, I gotta quick tip to momentarily distract ya from spammin’ F5 on the war within hype site. Fairly well kept secret at that, too! Bursas! You know em, ya hate em, and they never drop that delicious rare loot! Well, how’d ya like a simple trick to boost your odds of that by an insane amount? And I promise it’s easy. As soon as you defeat one, instead of letting it crumple n’ fall over, hack it! … and THEN let it crumple and fall over. This multiplies the likelihood a rare mod’ll drop by a huuuge margin. While of course never guaranteed, I was fortunate enough, to get one of these. Each Bursa can drop a particular rare mod: Isolators have the aforementioned Tempo Royale, Denial’s drop Astral Twilight and Drovers carry the oddly difficult to snag Life Strike. I’ll leave the exact details out as it’s pretty mathy, so let’s just say it’s like a two decimal point shift in yer favor if ya go this route instead of just lettin’ em die off on their own.

If you want to get to The War Within questline as soon as possible be sure to check out our previous guide, right up on the screen there. And as always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion. Take care!.

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