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Easy Ember Guide | Warframe Ember Guide 2020


Hey guys, it’s the faithless beanie and welcome to my easy ember guide where i’ll explain her abilities synergies as well as show you a straightforward, build, let’s get right into it. Amber’S passive conflagration provides her with five percent additional ability strength whenever there’s an enemy impacted with the heat status proc within a 50 meter radius. This makes full strength builds unnecessary for amber, let’s get into our first ability. Fireball amber launches a projectile inflicting heat damage on impact with a guaranteed heat status proc. It also deals area of effect damage within a limited radius, with a 50 heat status chance, the heat status procs deal 50 percent of the initial damage on impact per tick.

Fireball has a combo counter casting fireballs one after the other will double this combo counter to a maximum of 8 times initial damage and damage from the heat status. Prox is directly impacted by the combo counter holding fireball before launching it will charge it up effectively. Doubling the damage it deals and slightly increasing its impact radius damage can be increased by modding for ability, strength, blast radius can be increased by modding for ability range and the combo duration can be increased with increased ability, duration and vice versa. Fireball’S augment mod fireball frenzy changes. What holding a fireball before launching does, instead of charging it up, it creates a shockwave that grants you and your allies additional heat damage to all attacks for a certain duration. Amber’S second ability is emulation activating it will cause a thermometer to appear on the bottom right that slowly, charges up emulation by storing heat, amber gains, damage reduction, corresponding to the percentage shown next to the thermometer.

Heat is passively gained at a rate of 0.5 percent. A second you can speed this up by using embers fireball, which will increase heat regeneration by one percent per second per cast or her affordability inferno, which will increase it by 3 per second per cast once the bar is full in a 10 second ramp up window. Amber starts to drain energy more and more rapidly at maximum heat. You can only replenish energy by picking up energy orbs, jumping on auric and void death orbs and utilizing the rage and hunter adrenaline mods squad energy restores energizing dash and warframe abilities like energy vampire will not work casting amber’s third ability. Fire blast decreases heat regeneration by two percent per second and removes 50 percent of the heat stored up in emulation. This allows for easy energy management. Damage reduction is affected by ability strength, while energy drain is affected by ability, efficiency and duration.

The augment emulator radiance allows emulation to affect friendly players within affinity range, granting them damage reduction at a reduced rate. Let’S move on to the third ability of fire blast. This is a fire shock wave that expands outwards within a limited radius and deals heat damage with guaranteed heat status, procs to enemies within range enemies also have their armor permanently reduced and are knocked down damage and armor reduction can be modded for witability strength. While the shock wave radius can be increased with ability range, the augment mode healing flame heals amber for a certain amount for each enemy hit by fire blast. The augment purifying flames, grants temporary status immunity and removes debuffs from allies within the shockwave radius. Finally, inferno casting inferno causes meteorites to crash into all visible enemies within a certain range meteorites deal, heat and impact damage on hit and also surround enemies in fire rings for a limited time dealing heat status damage over time, any other enemies coming into the range of An enemy affected by the firings will also be set ablaze, regardless of how many enemies are targeted. Energy is only consumed for a maximum of 10 targets. Even if you hit 20 enemies, you’ll only need to use energy for 10.

Infernal damage is affected by ability, strength, its radius is affected by ability range. The duration of the firings is affected by ability, duration and energy. Consumed per target is affected by efficiency. The augment mod exothermic causes enemies affected by inferno to have a 15 chance to drop energy orbs when killed. They don’t have to be killed by inferno. Now that i’ve explained the abilities, let’s quickly get into some synergies, amber’s entire kit revolves around immolation to quickly charge. Immolation up activate it and cast inferno a couple times when there’s no enemies around inferno does not consume energy if there’s no enemies to hit. So you have a free charge up at maximum heat, immolation reduces fireball’s charge rate. It also allows a charged fireball to deal a 13 times combo counter, instead of the previous 8 times, combo counter fire blasts enemy, armor reduction increases linearly with immolation’s heat level at maximum heat you’ll be stripping.

The most armor possible inferno gains bonus damage in percent equal to the current heat level, effectively dealing double damage at maximum heat for the best possible combination. You’Ll want to cast emulation charge up to max heat with free infernos, then find enemies cast inferno at max heat. For the most damage and quickly cast fire blast to strip armor as well as save your energy, since immolation at max heat, can quickly drain all of it. Let’S get into the build for the build. It’S a straightforward. Four former build focused on solo play, emphasizing range and efficiency. Duration doesn’t really matter since you’ll be casting your abilities again and again and since you’ll be casting so much brief. Respite really helps with survivability strength, isn’t super important either since you’ll quickly build it up with amber’s passive, but it’s nice to have feel free to replace primed flow with intensify or auger reach.

If you want amber is particularly useful against the grineer, especially when there’s tons of enemies around combining fire blast and inferno can quickly clear hordes of enemies without blinking an eye. You can, of course, just rely on her damage reduction from immolation and use fire blast to strip armor and proceed with the weapon of your choice. Amber thrives in survival missions and is one of the best warframes for the steel path. That’S about it hope to help. You out this is the faceless beanie signing out .

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