Easy Kuva Lich Guide | Warframe Kuva Lich Beginner’s Guide 2020


[, Music, ], hey guys, it’s the faceless beanie and welcome to my quick ecovillage guide, I’ll, be going on with the college system as quickly as I can to help explain it in a concise manner. So without further ado, let’s get right into it. Akuma, which is your personal, mortal enemy that will slowly attempt to take over control of the star chart and steal your rewards while trying to kill you aku village, can be weakened by other players, but can only be defeated by the player that created the Lich before We get into creating your ku village, it’s important to ensure you have all requiem mods farmed and ready in your inventory before you create a kuba lich requiem mods are special mods, which are required to defeat the ecovillage and are equipped on your Parra’s on these drop From requiem relics, which are best farmed by completing cool siphon missions, you don’t actually have to complete the cool siphon part of the missions, though just complete the main objectives: [ Music ], who are flood siphons, guarantee erika relic each time once you have all eight mods Farmed it’s time to initiate your ecovillage journey.

Coover leeches spawn from kuva lovelyz, who are love. Ling’S can appear on any level 20 or higher greenio faction node on the star charts. The easiest is Cassini on Saturn before you enter, keep in mind that the status effect of the KU village and his weapon will be determined by the progenitor warframe used to kill the love leg. If you’re looking for a toxin, Coover weapon, then you’d want to use Atlas, evaru, Cora, sahrin, etc. Complete the capture objective, as usual after which you’ll see flashing, yellow lights, indicating the presence of a cooler lovely. This flashing initiates a hidden timer to make the loveling appear. Similar to how a juggernaut appears just kill a few enemies and you’ll get an audio cue from a Cooper Guardian approach and kill the loveling and you’ll be able to see what cool weapon your lich will use. If it’s not the weapon of your choice, ignore the lovely for 30 seconds and it’ll die automatically exit the mission and repeats till you get the weapon you once [ Music ] when you ready mercy, kill the lovely [ Music. ] yoku village is now life on your navigation.

You’Ll find a new icon on the bottom right, leading you to the kuva liches profile, showcasing its weaknesses resistances, as well as the bonus status, damage he’ll, provide to the cooler weapon in question. You can also see the ecovillage anger meter you’ll, see red dots on your star chart which correlates to the parts of the star chart under your Lich’s control. Completing these missions will make the Lich angry filling his anger meter and once he’s angry enough, he’ll appear in missions to kill you, which is your chance to return the favor. The ecovillage will steal a small portion of your rewards for every mission. Complete sit on a node controlled by the ecovillage.

These items will only be returned to you once the crew village is defeated, defeating a KU village is fairly simple. You’Ll need to put in three requiem mods in your parasol in a specific order and stab the ecovillage three times to defeat him, however, to identify which mods you’ll need out of the eight available you’ll need. Murmurs murmurs are basically whisper fragments which help you identify the mods you need. Farming, murmurs is straightforward, head to a Coover, lich control, node and trolls will start to spawn. Thralls enemy is controlled by the Lich and mercy, killing them grunts. A murmur murmur farming can be done, solo or in a group, and it doesn’t matter who’s Whoville.

It controls her thrall that spawns as long as it’s a thrall I’ll give a murmur to the whole squad. [ Music ], occasionally a cou village, may spawn before you’ve obtained enough murmurs to reveal a mod. This is, if you made him angry enough or if it’s another, player’s Lech. If the player who created the Lech isn’t ready to kill the Lich, the kou village should be left alive. The Lich will convert enemies nearby him to thralls trolls spawn up to a maximum of 10 per mission. However, letting the ecovillage convert enemies into thralls allows for an additional 10 to spawn this significantly speeds up. Willmar farming take note that a qu village that is downed three times without any attempts to mercy kill him, will flee without ranking up [ Music ], once you’ve obtained in a murmurs to reveal your first Requiem mod. He quipped that mod in the first slot on your Paris on and then it’s time to attempt to mercy, kill the Lich once the ecovillage spawns in a mission get his shields down and his first health bar down to 5 % he’ll now be down.

For a few seconds, giving you the time to use your Paris on on him if the modules in the right slots, his bar of Health, will be completely destroyed, if not, the Lich will rank up and leave. If it’s the latter, then you now know this mod. Can only fit in one of the two remaining slots. You can always check the ecovillage profile screen to confirm whether or not the mod was in the right slot. If it was, the mod will show as a golden icon, and if it was wrong, it will show as a red cross start icon continue murmur farming once you reveal the second mod put it in the first slot, that’s still unknown. This depends on the outcome of the first attempt, so if your first mod was in the correct slot, then the next unknown would be the second slot. Vice-Versa, now we’ll secure the ecovillage again this time you will guarantee the position of at least one month. [, Music, ] repeat the whole process one last time and you should now know the sequence and the mods required [ Music ] one last showdown with a cou village, you’ll stab him three times with each require mod equipped, destroying his three bars of health, [, Music, ] [ Music ] once defeats it. You have a choice to make whether you want to wank, wish the ecovillage granting you his weapon or convert him to an ally, making him tradable with other players. This is completely up to you, [ Music ].

Once a choice is made all the items the ecovillage stole will be returned to you at the end of the mission, and now, when you go back to your navigation, the KU beliefs, icon is gone. If you anguished him, the weapon will be in a foundry. That’S basically, all you need to know about curvalicious, a quick note about Valens fusion, a feature that allows players to combine two similar cool weapons together to obtain a different status effect and a higher damage boost. It isn’t worth pursuing Valens fusion until you have all the good cooler weapons formed already. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to help with that. I hope this helps you out. This is the faceless beanie signing out. Take care guys