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Hey guys, it’s the faceless beanie and welcome to my lover’s guide, where i’ll go over his abilities, some synergies and a build as well. Let’S get into it lavos as a warframe does not have energy. Instead, his abilities function on a cooldown basis. Lavos can imbue his next ability cast with any status effect in the game holding down his first ability provides toxin status. Second, ability provides cold, third ability provides electricity and his fault provides heat elements can be combined and are active on the next stability cast lavos’s passive grants, him status, immunity for 10 seconds upon picking up energy, orbs or universal orbs.

The latter is linked to his third ability, let’s get into his first ability obedient bite, lavos’s serpents lash out in a hundred degree, radius in front of him dealing toxin damage and any imbued elemental damage to all enemies within range and in direct line of sight. All these enemies will be afflicted with toxin and imbued elemental status effects as well. Each enemy struck heals levels for a certain percentage of toxin damage dealt. This ability has a cooldown of 8 seconds range, is affected by ability, range and toxin damage, imbued elemental damage, and the percentage of health drained are all affected by ability strength.

His second ability, vial rush, causes lovers to dash forward for a limited distance while dropping off vials along the way which, when shattered on impact, deal, call damage and imbued elemental damage within a limited radius, while also applying status effects. An ic explosion at the end of the dash applies further status effects and deals. Elemental damage as well levels can be stopped mid dash by tapping the ability again or jumping causing the explosion to occur. Where you stop the dash, this ability has a 5 second cooldown dash distance number of vials dropped and explosion. Radius are all affected by ability. Range, vial, residue duration is affected by ability, duration and elemental. Damage is affected by ability, strength, lava sustainability is transmutation. Pro lavos launches a floating device in the direction of the aiming reticle, which is invulnerable and emits a field of electrical currents with a limited radius enemies within this field, receive electricity and imbued elemental damage and status effects for each enemy electrocuted.

One second is removed from the active cooldowns on all other abilities. Transmutation probe itself does not have its cooldown reduced. The probe will keep moving forward until its duration runs out or you can stop it by tapping the ability again to have it stay in place. All health, orbs and energy orbs within the electrical field are converted to universal orbs, which provide health to laws and trigger his status. Immunity passive, while all ammunition turns into universal ammunition, which replenishes ammo on the equipped weapon. This ability has a 10 second cooldown electrical field. Radius is affected by ability, range elemental. Damage is affected by ability, strength and cooldown reduction per enemy. Shocked is affected by ability, efficiency moving on to his ultimate catalyze lavos launches 9 catalyst probes, moving out in all directions. These probes travel for 5 seconds before dissipating. They release a flammable gel on all enemies that come into contact dealing heat and imbued elemental damage and status effects.

Damage is increased by a hundred percent for every status effect currently active on an enemy before being quoted by the gel. The more status effects active the higher the damage. This ability has a lengthy cooldown of 30 seconds probe, speed and distance are affected by ability range, while elemental damage is affected by ability strength. Let’S get into some ability, synergies of eden bites. Main purpose is healing prioritizing range and ensuring there are a couple of enemies within your line of sight. Can heal you significantly very quickly. Vial rush is best used to quickly apply two status effects to a group of enemies in a tight space couple. This with transmutation probe to quickly apply four different status effects. Transmutation probe is the key to effective gameplay only cast it after casting other abilities to reduce their cooldowns in a room full of enemies with enough range.

Transmutation probe can quickly turn catalyzer’s 30 second cooldown into less than 10 seconds for other abilities. The cooldown will almost instantly reset to zero. Catalyze is fine on its own, but setting it up. Yields incredible results using the other three abilities to get a combination of toxin, cold electricity and other status effects, and then using radiation with catalyze can nuke rooms full of enemies very quickly. You can adapt the status combinations to suit the faction you’re playing against catalyze pairs up really well with the sido lavos a signature weapon. The cedaw’s alt-fire quickly applies multiple status effects to enemies, making it the best primer for catalyze. An alternative is, of course, the kova nuco.

Finally, combining lavos’s status, applying abilities with condition overload, will make almost any melee make light work of enemies. Let’S move on to the builds first, an all-rounder setup requiring five forma, but you can skip the excellence mods and save a former basic survivability mods with vitality and steel fiber, as lavos already is pretty tanky himself having the second highest base armor of any warframe in The game he also has that status immunity passive to keep him alive. Energy conversion is a way to get your ability, strength up without sacrificing duration or other stats. You’Ll always have orbs to pick up, which basically means a constant 50 ability.

Strength boost the rest of the build, looks to buff range and strength with some duration. Range is key to levels, as always abilities benefit from it and it’s more important than efficiency, because the more range, the more enemies electrocuted by transportation probe, the lower the cooldowns duration – is there to ensure you can pile on as many status effects as possible before casting Catalyze or for your condition, overload synergy. Finally, strength: buffs, not only catalyzes base damage, but it also has a significant impact on obedient bites healing giving you a full heal instantly. Arcane mods are optional, just don’t use arcane energize.

This build can be used in almost any situation and game mode. If you are in survivals or exterminates, then pile on the status and use catalyze, or we bought a melee with condition overload or even use the cdo to do the same. You can also just play as a tank, especially if you have a panzer wall profiler that can heal you, along with arcane grace, you’ll, barely see your health drop on to the alternative. This build is more of the same but utilizes the meca mod set and focuses on strength to deal as much damage as possible. [, Music, ] you’ll need a cool bro to execute this build [ Music ], the meka mod set, basically utilizes lavos’s status, applying abilities to multiply damage. However, you must kill the enemy marked by your crew bro, with the status effect for this to work correctly.

Otherwise, it just won’t function as it should. This is just for a bit of fun. Stick to the other, build for proper levels, gameplay, one last thing: infusing an ability into lavos from the helmet will cause you to lose access to the ability status effect. So if you replace or fit in bite, that’s toxin gone from his kids with that. I hope this helped you out. This is the faceless beanie signing out!

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