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Hey guys, it’s the faceless beanie and welcome to my zaku guide in this video i’ll go over zarco’s abilities some synergies as well as a build. Let’S get right into it, starting off with zaku’s passive, which provides a 25 chance to avoid incoming enemy weapon attacks, while also providing a 25 damage reduction against area of effect damage their first ability, zata’s whisper, empowers all equipped weapons to deal a certain percentage of total Weapon damage, after all, mods as void damage. This damage is by way of an extra shot, so it won’t replace any existing status effects. You’Ve modded for the void damage dealt can of course, proc void. Damage’S status effect bullet attractor, which creates a small field where the target was that effectively blocks enemy bullets from passing through the affected enemy will also have their own projectiles redirected dealing self-damage to make the most of this you’ll want to use a weapon that has a Relatively high status, chance for zarta’s whisper damage, bonus is affected by ability, strength and duration is affected by ability. Duration.

Moving on to grasp of look activating. This ability will permanently disarm enemies within a certain radius from zaku, forcing them to use melee attacks. The stolen weapons will transform into void, replicas and float next to zaku dealing damage to enemies. If there are no armed enemies, a replica of your primary weapon will be used. Instead, the stolen weapons will deal void, damage that scales according to the level of the enemy and there’s a cap on maximum stolen weapons used simultaneously. So if you’re under this cap, you can recast the ability to steal more weapons, each specific weapon stolen will have its own corresponding ability. Duration. So you can’t refresh the timer for weapons stolen earlier if you’re at the maximum amount of stolen weapons, you can’t recast grasp of lock also has a chance to stagger certain enemies. Damage is affected by ability, strength, duration is affected by ability, duration and grab and target range, along with the maximum stall and weapons cap are affected by ability range.

Moving on to the third ability the lost tapping, this ability will cycle between its three sub-abilities, while holding it will cast one of them. Let’S go through each one accuse allows zaku to turn a number of enemies within a certain radius into allies for a limited time. They’Ll be stunned initially, but will then fight by your side until the duration runs out similar to grasp of lock there’s a max target cap. So if you’re under that, you can recast, but each new accused ally has their own ability. Duration. Max targets are affected by ability, strength, radius is affected by ability, range and duration is affected by ability. Duration. Next up is gaze gaze, entangles a target in place, rendering it immobile and invulnerable to damage. However, while entangled the victim will store all damage received and will be affected by all of it once the duration runs out, there can only be two simultaneously gazed targets.

Do note that, once enemies move out of gaze’s aura, they will regain their armor and shields uncasting. The ability, while aiming at the end title target, will release the victim and inflict all star damage onto them. Recasting will entangle a new enemy, but will set the oldest entangled enemy free, provided you have two gaze targets already. One thing to note is that gazed targets are still affected by status, effects range and aura radius are affected by ability range, while duration is affected by ability, duration, shield and armor reduction, as mentioned, are affected by ability strength. A 100 decrease requires 200 ability strength and the last one is deny deny unleashes a void, beam that deals avoid damage to enemies struck directly and stuns enemies in mid-air.

For a limited time, this can be recast while active to strike new enemies or just refresh the ability on all existing targets. The range is affected by ability range, while damage is affected by ability, strength. The number of grasp of log replicas and the vast untimes void damage vulnerability. Finally, the ultimate the vast untime zaku detonates themselves and exposes their skeletal form for a limited time or until the ability is deactivated, while in their skeletal form, zaku’s passive is buffed to have a 75 dodge chance and area of effect, damage reduction as well as buff. Their movement speed by 20, when activated the ability, deals, void, damage to nearby enemies within direct line of sight, and these enemies also suffer 50 void, damage, vulnerability and reduced action speeds. Any destructible objects within the blast. Radius will also be destroyed. Most importantly, however, the vast untime freezes, the duration, timers of all other active abilities. Their timers won’t start ticking down until the vast untime is deactivated.

You can recast these abilities at any time as well. Damage and slowdown are affected by ability. Strength range is affected by ability, range and duration is affected by ability. Duration. Let’S get into some synergies play around with the lost. You can cast gaze on an enemy and then move close to it and trigger grasp of lock to disarm enemies and start damaging them with the replicas, while stripped of the armor. You could also cast the cues on a group of enemies to have your own personal squad, then use grasp of look to disarm other enemies and steal their weapons with your allies. Fighting by your side, cast grasp of lock to disarm enemies then deny to deal the most damage possible from its void.

Beam. Any enemies not killed will be stunned in mid-air, so grasp of vlog’s replicas will dispose of them quickly. Cast the vast on time. With your other abilities up to lengthen their duration, theoretically, they can be active forever. As long as you keep recasting the vast on time, zarta’s whisper is a strict damage buff, so there’s no reason not to have it on at all times. The bullet, attractor effect is just an added bonus. Finally, any damage dealt as a result of zarta’s whisper is further amplified by the vast end times void vulnerability, buff. The same goes for grasp of vlogs replicas. Moving on to the build it’s a hefty sixth forma, simply because i refused to use my umbra forma, the goal was to get as much range as possible with at least 200 ability strength for gaze’s armor stripping.

I had to choose between duration and efficiency. So since i went with the former flow is in there to balance out any energy issues, the arcanes are optional, but recommended, if you just want to test saku before investing so much forma. A zero former build, looks something like this with a bit of everything. So you can freely test all the abilities in game before committing so zaku is useful in almost any mission, whether you’re doing it solo or in a team. The armor strip pad with the grasp of lok firepower, can make light work of steel part enemies in defense. Missions zaku can cast gaze on a target close to the defense objective, then trigger grasp of look to quickly take out enemies around the objective survival and exterminate missions become trivial. In the same way, gaze can also be used to temporarily freeze, acolytes or certain bosses and remember that all damage dealt is stored and received by them.

Once gaze runs out, deny, on the other hand, can suspend kovalichus and demolists in the air zaku’s void. Damage will reset sentient resistances, but you can’t destroy eidolon shields with it, nor cycle through profit, takers, elemental, resistances. Finally, with some range, the wasp on time will destroy all containers in a room when casted, and this can be a great way to farm rare resources like neural sensors or argon crystals. I hope this helped you out. This is the faceless bd signing out.

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