How To Get Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime | Warframe Prime Vault 2020 Relic Guide


Hey guys, it’s the faceless, beanie and mirage prime and banshee prime, have been unvaulted in this video i’ll show you which relics you’ll need to farm for them and the best ways to farm these relics. Let’S get into it. So the lip relics you’ll need are the lit k5, which drops the mirage prime chassis as a common drop and the banshee prime systems as an uncommon drop and the lith m7, which drops the banshee primary optics as a common drop and the mirage prime blueprint.

As a rare drop, the only mesorelic you’ll need is the meso e5, which drops the mirage primary optics as a common drop and the banshee prime blueprint as an uncommon drop. The only new relic you need is the neo b6, which drops the mirage primary optics as a common drop like the meso e5, but then also drops the bench g prime chassis. As a rare drop, then the x-ray relics you’ll need are the xca12 which drops the mirage, prime chassis, as a common drop like the lathe k5, and also drops the banshee prime blueprint like the meso e5. Finally, the xch5, which drops the benchy primary optics as a common drop like the lath m7, but then also drops the mirage prime systems as an uncommon drop for lith relics.

Generally, it’s best to hit to habit in the void and complete it within 90 seconds or so you’re guaranteed a literally each time use a wall frame like vault, gauze, nature or titania to move quicker for meso and neo relics. Ako is an option. It’S also a capture mission, but it has a larger reward pool. So you’ll need some luck to get the relics. You actually need for meso, neo and xe. It’S best to head to one of the three open worlds and do the bounties on them generally cetus. Bounties are marginally quicker to complete but less rewarding when it comes to drops that aren’t relics, while deimos bounties take a little longer to complete, but can be a viable endo farm along with your relic farming. Fortuna bounties are somewhere in between in terms of completion time, but they do offer the best drop chances of relics, as they have the least diluted reward tables.

As a quick example, a quick comparison of fortuna tier three bounties, which drop mess, relics and their equivalents on caesars and the necrolisk show you the marginally higher drop chance from fortuna bounties. This applies for all three relic types. Remember that relics only drop from the second stage of a bounty onwards. So don’t just leave after the first stage make sure you have your arc wing built to use it to travel between bounty, objective points, quicker use, a wall frame with decent survivability and some dps potential like octavia, chroma, gara and so on.

Try your best to complete the bonus objectives for each stage of the bounty, as if you complete all of them. You get a bonus reward in the final stage and it could well be a bonus relic. Besides, all that, if you have access syndicate standing, you can always spend it on relic packs and with a bit of luck, you might end up with the relics you need with that. That’S about it. The full drop table will be in the description down below and if you’re watching this within the first week of the prime vault release, there will be a giveaway link in the pin comment for all platforms. I hope to help you out. This is the faceless beanie signing out.

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