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How To Get Nidus Prime | Warframe 2021 Relic Farming Guide


Hey guys, it’s the fearless beanie and neither prime has arrived so as usual i’ll show you, which relics you’ll need to farm for him and the best places to farm these relics. Let’S get into it. The only lithuanic you’ll need is the lith n7, which drops the nida’s prime chassis as a red drop. As always, the best spot for lith relics is habit in the void, a simple capture mission that guarantees a lith relic upon completion, [ Music ]. Alternatively, if you’re newer to the game, the disruption mission olympus on mars drops literally from tier a and tier b, so you’ll need to successfully defend the first conduit and allow the rest to be destroyed.

Moving on the only mesorelic you’ll need is the meso b5, which drops the nidus prime systems as a common drop head to ur, uranus or kappa on setna for mesorelics. Both disruption missions, mesorelics, are tier, a rewards so just defend one conduit successfully till round three and let the rest be destroyed. Then extract and repeat, alternatively, head to io on jupiter a simple defense mission which drops mesorelics on rotation, a which means waves, 5 and 10.

So extract after 10 waves, the only new relic you’ll need is the neo n16, which drops the nida’s primary optics as a rare drop for new relics. Apollo and lua is recommended.

There are tier a rewards here, so just defend one conduit and let the rest be destroyed on purpose till round. Three, then extract and repeat: you can head to mithra in the void as well, which is an interception mission. Rotations, a and b have a guaranteed neorelic drop, so you can stay up to round three and extract [ Music ]. Finally, akko is a simple capture mission in the void as well. That gives you a 50 chance of either a meso or a new relic.

So you can use this if you’re, forming both neso and new relics simultaneously, and the only x-ray you’ll need is the xca14 which stops the nida’s prime blueprint as an uncommon drop for extra relics. Apollo and lua is the best spot. Exo relics are tier b and c rewards, so you’ll need to defend four conduits in round one three in round two two in round three, then just one from round four onwards. It’S recommended to stay here for a longer session to efficiently farm exit relics. An alternative is, of course, zeni on eris, which is an interception mission.

You’Ll get x-ray lex on rounds three and four so it’ll. Take you just under 20 minutes for two extra legs here. For all these relics, you can also do caesar’s bounties, but this is not recommended. Don’T forget, syndicate relic packs if you have access standing all right, that’s about it! If you’re watching within the first week of release, i’m giving away one nidus prime access pack so check out the link in the pinned comment for that, hopefully this helped you out.

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