Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the weekend has treated ya well! If you were curious how to go about getting Titania, you are in luck! The Market is always open! –But if you’d rather get her for FREE, I got just the thing! In order to accept the Silver Grove quest you must have completed the Second Dream. And if you haven’t yet, what are ya waitin’ for? Spoilers?! Cuz that’s how ya get spoilers! After you’ve completed it, head out to the Relay and hook up, er– meet up with the New Loka chick. If New Loka is not your Syndicate of choice, no worries. Even though she throughly hates my guts she still gave me the quest just fine. All ya gotta do is interact with her, click the pop up, listen to her speech… or zone out for a bit like I did. When she’s done, accept the quest and bail out to your Liset. Then open your Codex and scroll down to you see The Silver Grove, open it up and click Begin.

You’l instantly get an email from the Loka lady as she misses ya already and you’ll be given your first Apothic blueprint and lore reveal. I’ll skip that part so you can hear it for yourself. As for that Apothic, you’ll need you some plants to craft it in the foundry. Loka’s leader will chime in now and then with vague hints on where to go to farm them. Luckily I have a guide up already to steer your through the exact process on where they grow and ways to save time gatherin’ em up, but to move this process along you’ll need to scan plants on Earth during both the day and the night, as well as some plants off of Ceres to get this Apothic goin’. When you have all the ingrediants in place, craft n claim the potion, equip it on your gear wheel in your arsenal, then click on the quest tab of your StarChart to continue the story.

Without givin’ ya details to ruin anything… let’s just say stuff’s goin’ down. The Silver Grove is actually tucked away on existing Earth tilesets and you’ll find the entrance to it here. Once inside… something something use the stone pile and it consumes your Apothic. At this point a new guardian enemy type will spawn in. Kill it, make it to extraction and net yourself one of Titania’s parts and a new apothic to craft. You’ll need to repeat this process for the second and third Apotichs as well. The first guardian is a Loki who teleports you around and makes clones of himself. Not exactly difficult, but kill him quickly as he loves resetting long reload times on your weapon. The second one summons a Saryn which itself spawns some rather disturbing Molts that eeriliy pull themselves towards you like a wounded zombie before self destructing in a wonderfully nightmare fuel sorta way.

And the last one is Oberon. This one kinda just stood there and shot at me so I did the same thing right back. ….I mean yeah it took awhile, but still, I won. Who’s fertilzer to the trees now, Oberon?! After he goes down, the game will initially say to leave. Ignore that or you’ll be in for a bad time. At this point you’ll need to defend the stone pile from enemies that cheaply spawn all over the place and hit extremely hard out of nowhere.

So keep an eye out for the health of the objective, though of course mine made it through without a even a scratch -_^ The crafting costs of Titania are surprisingly low, the only two materials that might prove annoying to find are the two tellurium and three nitain, but that’s still way under what I was expecting to farm. All in all, from start to finish this quest line won’t take ya very long. The only real hold up being the Earths day and night cycle. So if you are watching this before you pick up the quest, might be wise to gather up some of those now to save ya a bit of time in the future. Again if you could use the walkthrough on that plant scannin’ process we have a guide kindly in place for ya on the side bar right thar.

And if you’ve unlocked the fairy frame already, what are your thoughts on the lass? Like her skill set, or think she’s not worth the slot? Leave a comment below and tells us your thoughts! I’ve had a decent time with her, myself. Though for a fairy she seems like one of THE tallest warframes in game right now. I guess she’s also the shortest, so it sorta evens out. But anyway– Enjoy the rest of your week, Legion! As always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time! Take care!.

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