Ahoy thar, Legion! Between twitter and redtext ingame, it’s lookin’ like DE is low-key sayin’ the next big update and cinematic quest is closer than we might think! So to ensure yall can jump right into The Sacrifice and new content when it goes live and not have to wait to build or farm up anything, here’s a short n’ sweet to-do list to get ya prepared inna jiffy! Accordin’ to Steve there is but two requirements: Apostasy Prologue and The War Within. The prologue is just a cutscene so no effort needed to complete that one, but to unlock that you’ll first need to complete the Chains of Harrow questline and to build your Personal Quarters. Chains of Harrow of course requiring Mot void survival completed, while Personal Quarters crafting costs clock in at 100k credits, 1 argon and 2 tellurium with some ferrite and rubedo sprankled in for flavor. You get said blueprint for free with the completion of The War Within, DE’s currently most recent Cinematic quest, but to unlock that quest is a bit more indepth…

And we already gotta guide in place for that already So if ya need the deets on that can of worms, guide should be on screen for ya right about now Fingers crossed we get a speedy update and hope this guide serves ya well to get at it just as quickly! And if it did feel free to like and share this video with yer fellow Tenno! Always appreciates it when ya does! Enjoy your weekend, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!

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