Ahoy thar, Legion! Update 18.released on PC and with it brings Atlas and Equinox augments, some conclave tweaks n’ bug fixes, plus the new secondary, Staticor! Tomorrow is Devstream 68 which we’ll recap n’ review for ya on Monday to save ya some time, but today we got a request from loyal Legion-aire Chronozilla who asks, Good on ya for trying to help the New Tenno out, lad! Of course we can do a guide for ya! Forma is gonna be your bread and butter in Warframe! While Orokin Reactors double the mod capacity of your warframe and orokin catalysts double the mod capacity of your weapons, a full lineup of forma can double those numbers again by cutting the costs of your mods in half.

To use a forma the item you wanna upgrade must be at max rank. If it is, just click this here Action button and choose Polarize, as you wish to add a polarity slot. Then just click one of the mod slots until it has the symbol you want. By adding a polarity symbol you are basically reFORMAtting the weapon, so that will reset it back from Max Rank down to Unranked. You’ll need to put it through the paces and level it back up if you wish to Forma it a second time or more. But in order to do that you’ll need to have one crafted first! As any Warframe vet will say, in order to farm Forma, just go to the void and aim for literally anything else.

It’s a sure fire strategy. Nearly every Void or Tower mission can provide a forma if you are lucky… or unlucky depending on what you are aiming for at the time it appears. The keys to unlock the void are beyond plentiful, so don’t worry about running low on options to find some. When one does drop, just go to your Foundry and craft it. Providing you have the materials required, it’ll take a full twenty four hours to build, so if you aren’t known as the patient type, I hope you’re making these ahead of time or ya might pull out some hair durin’ the wait. Exilus adapters are quite new to Warframe but behave similarly enough to Forma. It is an item you can add specifically to your Warframe to open up this locked mod slot to the right of where you can put an aura mod.

This isn’t a normal mod slot, you can’t put any ol’ mod in here all willy nilly. Only mods with this cog-like symbol can fit. Almost all of these mods are for utility instead of straight up stat boosts, for example you can increase your max run speed or see enemies appear on the mini map. They have since added what have been dubbed Exilus Mods which are a mix of utility and power, but that’s a whole other guide video. You can get an Exilus Adapter for free by completing the Natah and The Man of Few Words questlines. As a nice bonus to completing Natah, you’ll also unlock the option to buy Exlius Adapter blueprints from Cephalon Simaris off the second floor of a Relay for a chunk of reputation. The ironic bit with these adapters is, not only can you use forma to polarize the slot they unlock, but in order to craft one you’ll need to spend a forma in the process! So one way or the other, you’ll be a full on Forma producing machine by the end of this! That should put you in a pretty good place to start out with, and we got a buncha other guides you can take a gander at if you like.

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