Ahoy thar, Legion! The Prime Unvaultening is HERE! Many requests on how to get these limited-time goodies and the best way to find their relics, so here ye be! In the past, Xini and the like where the ol’ standby, but for better or worse, this time around DE’s changed it up. First option: Syndicate reputation relic packs For 20k rep you get three random relics. Bit pricey for my liking, but if you got rep to spare, might as well cash it in and hope for the best.

The second and more direct method is of course: farming. And hope you like the look of Cetus as you’ll be all but literally camping here for the next few days. Check out the bounty board to see what’s up for grabs. The easiest bounty can’t drop relics, but the second one drops Lith, the third Meso, fourth Neo, and fifth Axi. There are two rubs, as of course it couldn’t be simple. Other than the Lith, there are two varieties of each relic type. But while you can get multiple relics per Bounty, only one of each tier is available at a time. What you see on the bounty board is what you’ll get, and if you don’t like what you see and need the other variety, you’ll need to wait for that real life timer to reset and hope for a better turn out next cycle. These run three full hours per set, so either swap to a bounty you want the relics from to pass the time, or grind out reputation and get more random packs that way.

Now to get the most mileage outta yer time, I do have one final tip to speed things along. This is a little on the…efficient side of things, so I don’t know if they’ll patch this out or what, but the very first reword is technically your best mathematical chance at getting a relic for the entire bounty. The longer you stay the worse the odds get, oddly enough.

While I would recommend staying if you get some of the more painless objectives to appear, if you get an annoying one just dip out and port yourself back to Cetus. Then just fast travel back to Konzu and repeat. Now you’ll lose out on mods or materials from kills, but you retain bounty rewards! Of which, the relics are one! And I think this goes without saying, but either do this with friends or go solo. May your Unvaultening 2018 go smoothly, Legion! You have nearly two full months to partake in the harvest, so take your time! Devstream 106 this Friday, expect a Recap N Review on Monday at the latest.

But until next time, thank-you for watching and take care!.

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