Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope you’re all stocked up for Thanksgiving tomorrow! And if ya haven’t already thawed that turkey out yet god help ya. Today we got a quick guide courtesy of loyal Legionnaire MonkeyBunnyShop who asks what’s up with the new invasion system, their rewards, and all that stuff? Sure thing! With Update 19, Invasions got a wee bit a polish, but not really full rework. More of a slight tweak. At first glance you won’t notice much has changed at all. Loading up one of the conflicts you might observe it doesn’t state what mission type it is. That’s becauuuuse now they change every fifteen minutes! Good news is if ya don’t like the current offering you can try back in a bit, or stick it out anyway as each time ya repeat an invasion they’ll shell out a bonus thousand credits your way that stacks! Might be a good method for up and coming Tenno to farm up some credits before they unlock the paydays further down the starchart.

But you’re not here for the monetary rewards, ya want the goods! To date, three invasions have had item parts up for grabs. We don’t know how often they will appear, but they do happen. Snagged yet another wraith twin viper blueprint, myself. These are currently live for PC, but Console Squad ya ain’t that far off, so keep your eyes peeled on the twitter alert bots, apps, or deathsnacks. Whatever method ya prefer. As for the Construction Status at the bottom, we can only guess at this point. I’m assuming a repeat of previous events of the same name, a Fomorian strike if Grineer wins, and a Razorback attack for Corpus.

Choosing between constantly locked doors and ArchWing… I think I’ll opt to skip em both, but if ya haven’t seen em yourself, enjoy the sights when that dial fills to completion. I’mma get back to food prep, but as always, thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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