Ahoy thar, Legion! Fashion Frame lovers, new n’ old, I got some great news for ya! The Rift sigil has finally returned! I’ve gotten a lotta requests over the years on what sigil I’ve had on muh boi Rhino, but I always felt bad for folks when I had to let em know ya can’t get it anymore. Well that’s the great news, lads! YA CAN! But ya gotta act fast! From now till Monday morning you can get one totally free and waaay easier than how ya had to get em in the past: all ya gotta do is complete four alerts! Each of em are filled to the brim with Corpus robots, so focus your loadout on that damage type for the most efficiency or do whatever, I’m a content creator not a cop. You do you. But speakin’ of efficiency these suckers literally suck energy very often, so any Solo or New Tenno out there without OP builds in place yet, you’re gonna definitely want an efficient energy build or a way to keep it regenerated via consumables or frames like Trinity, and these missions tend to take long time to complete so an ammo efficient primary and secondary, or a strong melee weapon and you’ll go a long way.

You’ll eventually be squaring off against lvl 60s, so keep that in mind. Difficulties aside, you’ll be rewarded rather well! As each mission has tons of eximus units so the affinity gains’ll be nice, you’re all but guaranteed to get a full set of Oberon parts if you haven’t tried him out yet, so you can get him for free as well, and the alert rewards are a great way to get a kickstart on the game with an exilus adapter, orokin catalyst AND reactor, plus a handful of endo and 150,000 credits. And a stratus emblem but uh, unless Tactical Alerts become a thing again, that’s just a free shoulder emblem. So you can fully kit out your fashion frame on your shoulders as well! XD So all Tenno new n’ old, might wanna snag this one if ya don’t have it. Last time I think we had the opportunity was back in 2016, so… quite the rain check delay on that one if ya don’t get it now. But good luck! Enjoy the new fashion frame, have a great weekend and I’ll catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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