Ahoy thar, Legion! Looks like that saucy infested boil’s finally burstin’ with hot, juicy action for us in Operation: Plague Star! So let’s take a look at how ya can squeeze the most outta it! First up: Accept the Event bounty in Cetus, should be right on top of the list. The guy will give you some background story about what-ev-er, but we’re really only here for the loot. Let’s be honest ^_^ Now you’ll need to run the Grineer Gauntlet! And it’s a multi-parter! Head to whatever Cave they marked, find the cicero toxin Hek stashed away for a rainy day, hike it over to a mixing station. Lotus apparently wants us to bake a cake as this takes some time to mix and you’ll need to defend the truck it’s in! Which is a sentimental touch from, DE as this was the most endearing and least glitchy bounty mission in the update then take the cake over to a Drone and defend THAT while it awkwardly takes your through whatever is generally the most dangerous path to the objective, only to disappear when it arrives, making me wonder why we couldn’t have just walked it down here ourselves but hey, I’m just an armchair developer, right EA? Speaking of, is your face tired from all those canceled preorders yet? Now just kill off the infested to fill up the meter and presto reward-o, you got yerself some endo.

Or 100 kuva. Try not to spend THAT all in one place! Now run it four more times! Then go to the mask vendor in Cetus who, for some reason, has the hidden power to destroy the infested yet isn’t handing it to anyone else in town, and is also charging us to save the very place she lives in. Spend all 5k rep you earned to rank up and choose the potion lookin’ thing as your reward.

Now you can build this on your Liset and equip it on your gear wheel to use during the mixing portion of the event missions. Why would you do this? As in typical Plains of Eidolon fashion, you need to grind standing to be able to unlock ways to grind *more* standing. If you spike the latte mixing machine with four of these, you’ll walk away with an even 2,000 standing, which ain’t bad. You’ll need that boosted rep to unlock later standing tiers to get the rare mods, gems, fish parts, and even snipetron and the long-awaited ether daggers blueprints! You can even get prebuilt forma, which is nice. Oh and two arcanes that only work after a bullet or double jump and some infested Zaw weapons, so there’s that. Also there’s a dojo item but I don’t know what that does yet as it takes a full 24 hours to research so… there’s that. Ya know what? I’ll wait and tell ya what it does anyway! Drop four of those in and it adds another 1000 standing and makes you fight up to four lephanti that can drop mods from the hunter set! It’s mostly a kubrow/katbrow set thing minus one slash proc on crit primary weapon mod that looks pretty– Oh god, it’s angry! So that is Operation Plague Star! Where the points don’t matter and the rewards are…

kinda worth it? All in all a decent little event. What do you think of the event Legion? Let us know in the comments below! Devstream 101 should be live right about now, so I’ll recap that for ya as soon as possible. As always thank-you for watchin’ and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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