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Operation: Plague Star Easy Guide | Warframe Plague Star 2021


Hey guys, it’s the fearless beanie and welcome to my quick guide for operation plague star, let’s get into it first up. The main item you need is the infested catalyst which you can get from your clan’s dojos by your lap, build it, equip it in your gear, [, Music, ], there’s another item, the idle on philaxis, which you can get from nakak, but you’ll need to have played Some plague style already to accumulate standing to get this. If you have some already build it, it could be in your gear, i’ll, explain more on these items. In a bit [ Music, ], head to cetus talk to konzu, initiate the plague star bounty, a four stage bounty stage. One involves finding a toxin canister in a cave, [, Music, ] stage two involves taking that canister to an armored walt and defending it.

For the three minutes, this is an important stage here: you’ll mix your infested catalysts and eidolon flaxes into the canister infested catalysts will affect how many hemocytes spawn in the final stage. You can add up to four for four hemocytes along phylaxis will raise the level of infested enemies, including the hemocytes. In the final stage, each catalyst and phylaxis adds 250 standing on top of the base 1000 standing of the bounty. So if you’re, just farming standing, you may want to just throw in eidolon flaxes without infested catalysts, to not have to fight the hemocytes moving on to stage 3, which involves escorting a drone to the big boil in the middle of the planes, which will activate the Final stage: [ Music ] in the final stage, you’ll battle, a bunch of infested enemies till the infested perch counter on the left, hits a certain percentage, hemocytes spawn at fixed periods. So if you’ve added four catalysts, a hemocyte will spawn at twenty five percent fifty percent.

Seventy five percent and one hundred percent – if it’s just one catalyst, then one hemocyte will spawn at one 100 and so on. Once you hit the percentage required, a hemocyte steps out of the boil. The hemocyte has a bunch of armor which can be stripped with warfarin abilities like nyx’s psychic, bolts, banshee sonic boom, with its augment frost’s avalanche and trinity’s. Abating, link and many more hemocytes have damage caps, so powerful one-hit weapons won’t work well on them. Instead use a high crit rate high fire rate weapon like the piranha prime, a rattle guard secondary kit gun the krakata, the soma and so on, a ranged, maybe like the sarpa or the wastely lock.

Gunblade can also work really well, if you mod them with shattering impact which will help strip the hemocytes armor modi weapons for corrosive damage or radiation damage in that order in terms of warframes, you can really bring anything you want, but some options to consider are loki For the switch teleport to speed up the drone stage of the bounty rhino for the damage buff and his stump, which slows down the hemocytes or a speed noaa to speed up the hemocyte. Stepping out of the boil do note that, with nova, you need to find an alternative way to slow down the hemocyte once it’s out of the boil, you can do this with the ammetia archwing in its warding grace ability, [, Music, ] nova, can also hasten the Drone with her portal augment killing a hemocyte could grant you a hunter, mod and completing stage. Four of the bounty will grant you operational supply standing, which you can spend with nakhak right. So, for the last part, what to spend you’re standing on the gulsaw is a super cool. Looking melee weapon, that’s event limited so spend your initial points on it.

[ Music ] then grab one of each plague. Zoro parts as are still decent melees to build. Try to get 10 of each exodia, arcane enhancement, but prioritize contagion, and then all of your remaining standing throughout the event should go towards fully built former. These aren’t blueprints. You can safely ignore the other rewards.

Alright, that’s about it hope you enjoy operation plague star, and i hope this helped you out. This is the faceless beanie signing out

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