To say this in advance, I wanted to quickly cover this topic before I release the Loki video, which I’m currently focusing on. This video exists primarily because of the Argon Scope issue that popped up on the subreddit. Argon Scope is a hard-to-get mod from the Shadow Debt event, and for good reason. I mean, can you imagine putting this on a Dread or Soma Prime? Christ. I have nothing against the system of mods, as I very much enjoy the idea of “play the game, earn shit, put shit on your shit to make it strong as shit.” My main gripe here is not the idea of mods, it’s the bullshit time-limited periods that some of them can be put in. I’m not just referring to the Shadow Debt mods when I say this. I’m referring to any ‘exclusive’ mod that has ever been released. Let’s take Buzz Kill for example. Buzz Kill is one of the most sought-after mods, and for good reason. Most melee weapons deal Slash damage, and dealing more damage is always good, right? Anyways, Buzz Kill has only ever dropped twice from events.

It was first introduced in Operation: Gate Crash back in Update 14.7, to serve as a precursor to the nearby Update 15 that would bring us the disappointment that was Archwing. Operation: Gate Crash was active for 7 days, meaning that if you are not online at all during that week-long time period, you have no chance of obtaining Buzz Kill unless you got the money to actually buy it off someone, which we all know can cause you to shed massive amounts of tears. The second time that Buzz Kill was put into the game was during the Emergency Exit Tactical Alert, which was that one time when we all defended a really tanky Grineer Bailiff from hordes of enemies.

However, Buzz Kill was not a guaranteed drop after reaching a certain point like it was in Operation: Gate Crash. For Emergency Exit, you had a small percentage of getting Buzz Kill out of 19 possible rewards, half of which were useless or utter trash, and even then, for one reward you had to complete 25 waves of Defense. 25. Let that sink in for a second. This meant that during this Tactical Alert, you were either the really lucky guy who got the Rift sigil or Buzz Kill after one or two tries, or you got screwed by getting Detonite Ampules or credit bundles as a reward for spending your time defending 1 guy from 25 waves. See, this is what makes Primed Chamber so different. On the PC version of Warframe, A little over 100 copies of Primed Chamber exist, because Primed Chamber was only given to the top 100 killers of Informers in the Informant Event. Yes, Primed Chamber is a powerful mod, but it only applies to snipers, a small category of primary weapon that exists. For those of you who would be willing to sell your soul, your significant other, and your children for a Primed Chamber, you do realize that other stronger weapons exist in the game, that don’t need Primed Chamber at all, right? It’s silly to obsess over a single mod.

Anyways, showing off that you have Primed Chamber sparks one of two reactions; depending on the person. Either respect will be given because of the time they spent killing for the Primed Chamber, or hatred will be generated because of the ‘they have Primed Chamber and I don’t, it’s not fair’ bandwagon. TIme-limited pieces of gear, not just mods, are never a good idea. If they’re more shit than Intruder, there’s no point to collecting them unless you’re after Mastery Rank fodder, and they’re an overall waste of development time. However, if they’re powerful, not only does that inconvenience the player to take time out of their day to make sure they earn it, but it just jacks up the price on the trading economy, further inconveniencing those who did not earn it, and if it’s strong enough, it makes previous pieces of gear useless, adding to the ongoing power creep issue and inconveniencing the developers.

I only hope that time-limited items in-game won’t become the norm, as I can only take so much, especially after Nezha. Thank you for watching..

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