Ahoy thar, Legion! Last week we took at look at running tower missions for all the crunchy chromey prime looty goodness inside, and I was planning on doing a Void Trace guide for today. But they just announced they are thinking of adding more methods of farming that stuff up so I’m gonna give em till Friday to sort that one out. …And they mentioned they are changing how void fissures work so that last video might already be outdated. Fantastic! In the meantime I thought we should take a quick look at Relics. Now I’m pretty sure yall know how to use them so we’re just going to focus on where and how to find em. Good news is Tenno of any level can get in on this right away as they appear on the very first planet of Mercury, and the rules on how to find them pretty much stick with the star chart all the way through.

Those rules being: Survival, Excavation, Defense, Interception, and Spy. As you choose more difficult planets you’ll tend to get higher difficulty relics, which makes sense. Spy is self explanatory, snag you some data caches and cross your fingers at extraction. The rest are sliightly different, each of the endless mission types have a rigid drop rotation of AABC. Void Farmers of the past will know this all to well. Generally speaking all those mission types listed can drop a relic, but you’ll want to wait for the fourth reward to be handed out before leaving the mission.

So if you are new to the void shuffle let’s use Survival as an example. Both at the five and ten minute mark you will be awarded something from the A prize pool, but you’ll need to stay to 15 for a small chance and 20 minutes for your best chance at getting a relic. You can stay as long as you like, some folks like to make a game of that by itself and the reward drops are a bonus, but if the enemies are scaling faster than you can handle, it might be wise to get the first relic that appears and hit extraction. But you might be asking, “PsyCo, you glorious Rhino gleaming of heroic perfection! Can’t they also drop from Sabotage and Archwing missions?” Why yes they can, my keen-eyed friend! But Sabotage has four different varieties right now and each have different loot tables and at the rate they are swapping stuff around I’d suggest aiming on the main sources to avoid frustration and time wasted.

And as for ArchWing, I’m gonna stick to missions that are actually playable, Ha-ha! Zing! Ah… ArchWing is sooo bad. It’s just– [loud kiss noise] Beautifully broken. Now if you have em unlocked, there are two additional methods. One is through Syndicates, if you have a Syndicate at rank 2 or above you can buy 3 relics for 20 thousand reputation a pop. This one you can do on the side while actively farming missions which makes this a great option to pad your relic count passively.

Secondly, and probably the best individual method, is the Derelict! Namely Derelict Survival, as you can get a relic to drop consistently from the very first reward all the way through and every rotation after. Hope ya like fighting Infested! So to recap: Survival, Excavation, Defense, Interception, and Spy missions are where to look. Higher difficulty locations tend to drop higher difficulty relics The Derelict is the single most condensed place to look for them… but any location that you like running will be the best spot for you to farm em. And of course, sprankle some Syndicate purchases in there if you are so inclined. So there ya have it, Legion! Go out there and give those Corrupted Corpus Skum what for in the name o’ the Lotus and Ol’ Uncle PsyCo’s blessin’! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share it with your fellow Tenno.

We always appreciates it when ya does. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below, and as always, thank-you for watchin’ and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!.

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