Ahoy thar, Legion! Are your fingers tired from mashing away on those distant keys all day? The rest of your group literally leaps and bounds over and ahead of you? Are you barely able to crawl after just half an hour of using parkour and your knuckles screaming in agony like Vay hek? THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?!! PATHETIC. Well have I got the solution for you! New Keybindings! That’s right! There’s no need to suffer or harm yourself playing Warframe any longer! Stop makin’ your hands turn into goo while you can make the game work for YOU! All you’ll need is a mouse with spare buttons on the side.

No Overpriced Razer? No problem! This quick fix only requires two side buttons, so any brand’ll do! Open up your control menu, glide on over to Customize Key Bindings and give it a click. Scroll down to Sprint/Roll and add your first side button. Then go up to Hold to crouch and add your second side button. It’s so simple even an Ordis could do it! “No. NO. NO! NOOOOO~!” Using these mouse buttons is far less strain on your hands as the thumb is meant to bend that way while the fragile phalanges are not. This configuration will surely reduce and out-right avoid most of your performance fatigue problems all together. But wait! That’s not all! For watching right now we have a BONUS tip just for you! If you’re just as run down after spamming melee attacks on those laughably armor scaled enemies, we’ve got an answer for that as well! One! …DE ya really do need to put some work into fixing that– BUT TWO! Add your mouse wheel as a secondary key binding to your Quick Melee! This will allow you to still attack with the default key on command, but also steamroll those tough enemies without effort! With all these life savin’ tips How can we afford to give ’em away for free? Simple, Legion! MAGIC! But do us a favor and subscribe now to stay up to date with all things Warframe as we post three videos each and every week! Plus, we’re not even done yet! If you like, favorite, and share this the next half hour, Darvo has agreed to increase the odds of getting a 90% platinum discount on login! Good luck, Legion! We’ll catch you next time and show you some easy ways even the most uncoordinated Tenno can perform mobility actions swiftly during missions.

But until then, as always, thank-you for watching, have fun, and take care! Buh bye! Buh bye! Buh bye. That was a great episode this week, thanks for havin’ me back on PsyCo! Pleasure was mine, lad!.

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