Ahoy thar, Legion! Update granted us access to the Stradavar multiple fire rate light machine gun! With its alternate fire you can pop off single rounds for squishy head shots, or go full auto with, my favorite… a Tenno Tommy Gun! Stats wise it starts out strong. Accuracy is quite solid, and being able to dial up that control further with single shots gives you added utility here. Fire rate seems about right, if just a hint slow for a machine gun, but I wouldn’t count that as a negative. Reload is two seconds, but again, acceptable so no biggie. Magazine size is decent at 65, but considering we have an ammo drum on top of the barrel and again it’s a machine gun, 65 seems a bit small, especially when the Soma, for example, has double that.

Critical builds are possible with it’s 10% chance, even without a catalyst I was able to squeeze my crit build in perfectly thanks to those two V polarities. Infact it isn’t’ stated anywhere in game that I could find but going semi auto actually boosts your crit chance by another 10%. Not great, but at least it’s something. And status builds on the other hand are all but off the table as it sits at a lonely 5%.

But… now we’ve come to the damage and, to be honest, this is the weakspot of the weapon, Legion. Which for a weapon, isn’t the best of news. You can mod it however ya like, but I found bullet hose doesn’t get very far so while it might be more fun to spray it all over the place you’d be better off firing in bursts or for that matter in semi-auto for the crit. It’s not as good as other semi auto guns though, which makes it weak as a machine gun and a hunting rifle. You shouldn’t have a problem against level 30s, but you’ll struggle against 40s and even with a catalyst installed you’ll likely get locked down before the 60 or 70s grunts start to spawn, let alone the heavy units. Final Verdict: For all these reasons I think it’s pretty safe to say… Master Fodder. It’s not bad, but as of recording it needs some love. It looks great, there’s a nice balance of color options, other than the accent which is like the barrel and one little dot on the back of the ammo drum…

Wait a sec, it has an ammo drum. That gives me an idea! Just gonna make a wish… There we go. What? I can’t tell you what I wished for! You know the rules! But it’s okay, you’re watching the video so it already came true. Aaaawwww! Thank-you for watching, Legion! If ya liked this review or it saved ya some time, we’d be honored if you’d like and share it with your fellow Tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! As always, catch you next time, have fun, enjoy the weekend, and take care!.

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