Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the wintery weekend has treated ya well! Just got our second round of cold snap here and it’s startin’ to look like an outdoors Corpus level out there, so stay warm lads! Actually, need to toss a log in the fire again to warm up, so I got a quick tip for yall today courtesy of Angrylurker on the warframe reddit. He posted the best farming locations for the currently available Frost and Ember prime relics. Again these will only drop until midway through December third, so if ya still need to scrounge those two up or just want some relics banked away for a rainy day, I got just the guide for ya! Fortunately you just need to worry about four specific relics: Lith G1, Meso F2, Neo S5, and Axi E1.

All the seasonally unvaulted Warframe and weapon parts will be contained within em, makin’ this a rather compact list. As for *where* they can most easily be found, in order of difficulty: Meso F2’s on the Jupiter Io’s defense mission. Run the first two rewards then bail and repeat. Lith G1’s off Orokin Derelect Defense, again run the first two rewards then repeat. Neo S5 switches things up to an interception on Berehynie Sedna, but still can drop off the first two rewards. And finally Axi E1 off the tried n’ true Pluto “Rock You Like A” Hieracon.

You’ll have to wait for the fourth reward on this one, and the drop rate is notably lower than the rest. But uh [hand slapping] Hands startin’ to go numb again, Legion, so I’mma end it there today before I have difficulty turnin’ off the computer. Lemme just go head and… [wiping monitor] there we go. Monitor started icin’ up. Good luck on your relic runs, lads n lasses! Feel free to spread the guide around if it helped ya out. Again shoutout to Angry Lurker for the initial scoop, and as always, thank-you for watchin’ and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!

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