Wareframe Bonewidow Guide By: SlundotheGreat


A look at Bonewidow, her strengths and weaknesses compared to Voidrig, and an overview for her uses in gameplay.

  1. Why use a mech?

Necramechs currently have two major uses in all of Warframe. Open world use, and the Orphix gamemode in Railjack.

2. Why Bonewidow?

Bonewidow when compared to Voidrig seems like the lesser of the two for one major reason: damage potential. Voidrig can deal millions of damage per second with Gaurd Mode and that’s a tough act to follow. So, what does she have? She has: more health/armor, the only consistent way to heal Necramechs at all, mobility, and (arguably bad) crowd control. That sounds like a lot, but most players see Voidrig and go “haha big number”. I agree with this, Voidrigs are the absolute ideal choice for open worlds with their artillery-style gameplay. However, things get much more complicated when talking Orphix, most notably

3. Sword

Ironbride has a few hidden mechanics that I don’t see people using very often. For one, the necramech melee mods that were considered useless affect it. So, for ideal damage output you can drop the shitty +10% attack speed archmelee mod in favor of more damage and instead add necramech fury for +40% in the main build for best results. Secondly, Ironbride can damage the annoying “invulnerable everywhere but my weakpoint” enemies anywhere. Meaning you can just walk up to an Orphix and just start swinging, no need for positioning. Third, and honestly the least important but still relevant part, heavy-attacking will throw out an energy wave not dissimilar to Exalted Blade. This unfortunately doesn’t have double crit chance or the weakpoint ignorance, but can be useful in niche cases.

4. The builds

Starting with Ironbride first because it takes less explaining: Build

Corrosive + Blast is the optimal damage combo for where Bonewidow shines best, Orphix. Blast isn’t too ideal, but using it instead of the toxin and/or electric 60/60s + heat results in more output from my testing.

Now, for the main course: Build

Bonewidow being a health + armor tank means there are much more slots available to her than Voidrig. She can get away with less efficiency because Rage can fuel her (you can sub out enemy sense for efficiency if you find you need it) and her healing means no need for spam refreshing a shield. Comparing to a standard rig build, you can see i have melee mods and jump hight, something she needs to be even more mobile in the corpus ship tiles where Orphix exclusively is.


Bonewidow is an extremely valuable asset to any aspiring Orphix runners, especially for solo players, and is part of what I think (idk I’m a switch player and rj in general is literally dead here so 🤷) is the ideal meta comp for Orphix runs. (that being one of each mech at each spawn, the rigs camping in the ideal Arqubex position on the Orphix and the widows clearing resonators and assisting in damage)