Wareframe guide to soloing/completing Veil Proxima Orphix By: Merciful-Zephyr


I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with these missions, so here’s a guide with tips for soloing 12 Orphix kills for the arcane drop. If you’re just going for the completion, get Bonewidow, scan over this, and look for people in recruiting chat.

  • Bonewidow – Bonewidow is a more consistent, safer, and accessible pick over Voidrig. Bonewidow’s Meathook allows for easy health regen and the Ironbride gives good dps and sustain, but struggles to kill high-level Orphixes. Necramech Rage is all you need to keep Bonewidow swinging for 12 kills. Disclaimer: I have yet to solo 12 kills on Bonewidow.

  • Voidrig – Voidrig is the high-risk, high-reward option for 12 kills and my go-to option for Orphix. Arquebex tears the Orphix apart at the cost of mobility and a lot of energy. Storm Shroud functions like Rhino’s Iron Skin and lets you stay immune while regenerating with Necramech Repair. More on Voidrig’s survival tech below.

  • Fluctus, Ironbride, and Arquebex – like the article says, Fluctus’ infinite punch through lets you sit at the Orphix while shooting the resonators. It should be modded for raw and elemental damage instead of crits. Note that it has a range of 55m, so you’ll have to move towards resonators that are really far away. Ironbride/Arquebex should be modded for corrosive and crits. When casting Ironbride, either stand still or make sure you aren’t walking off an edge while stuck in the animation. With Arquebex, stand directly in front or on top of the Orphix to hit the center blue area of the Orphix.

  • Mods – Necramech Rage is the only way I can keep up enough energy for spamming Ironbride/Arquebex throughout the mission. Necramech Fury, Pressure Point, and Intensify are all damage increases for your Ironbride/Arquebex and Necramech Steel Fiber and Vitality are your health mods. I also run Necramech Repair, but I never end up using it because of Meathook for Bonewidow. On Voidrig though, Necramech Repair is the only way to heal yourself and your only option for going 12 kills. I also run Necramech Flow on Voidrig to help with initial energy. Necramech Thrusters, Efficiency, and Streamline are good quality-of-life/utility mods that let you travel between Orphixes on one tank of fuel and keep your Ironbride/Arquebex up longer. As for getting all of these mods, they are available from transmutation, Loid on Deimos, the Isolation Vault bounties, or the Deimos Jugulus Rex secret boss, which gives Necramech Rage and Repair. I personally farmed the hell out of the Isolation Vaults to get my Necramechs forma’d and modded.

  • Strategy – clearing enemies is a waste of valuable time. Unless you need them for Meathook health or a Nullifier is running at you, focus only on the objective. If you have teammates, you should tell them to split up for the higher waves. Not that I’ve tried it, but if I had to recommend a team comp, it would be 1 Bonewidow and 3 Voidrigs, assuming everyone has Rage and Repair. If not, 4 Bonewidows. If you have voice chat with your team, you should also try to rotate between Orphixes to reduce the travel time for the team. Example:

Orphix A (0% health) Orphix B (50% health) Orphix C (100% health)

you > friend > no one

In this situation, assuming that A cannot rotate directly to C without passing through B,

when you kill Orphix A, your friend should rotate to C while you go to B.

  • Techniques for Bonewidow – watching your health and grabbing with Meathook when low is how you stay alive. Squishier enemies with less armor like Moas and Brachiolysts give essentially full health with one tick of Meathook, but don’t last long in your hand. The spinny discoball sentients are going to chew through your health if you leave them alone, so try to grab them to interrupt their attacks. I make it a point to not use Shield Maiden to gain energy from Necramech Rage. If you didn’t already know, having your Shield Maiden active gives you a much shorter delay for reenabling movement after cancelling your Necramech dash/slide. The alternative to this is jumping while sliding, then deactivating your sprint midair to allow instant direction change/ability use on landing. Jumping during a slide also does not use any fuel, but does allow you to restart your slide on landing, so if headroom allows, is good for efficiency. Practicing jumping out of the slide and learning the Corpus ship tileset is an incredible movement speed increase and the only tip I recommend you 100% use even if you don’t use any of the others.

  • Techniques for Voidrig – balancing damage, resonator clearing, and Necramech Repair is the next level of Orphix as you try to clear 12 Orphixes solo. With max Necramech Vitality, Necramech Repair triggers at 960 health. Right as you fall below 960 health, activate Storm Shroud to absorb damage and buy time for Necramech Repair’s cooldown. Always activate Storm Shroud before entering Arquebex for dps on the Orphix. If not on Necramech Repair cooldown or in Arquebex, deactivate Storm Shroud to regen energy from Necramech Rage. A burst of damage can come out of nowhere when waiting for energy and losing your Necramech means failure, so, seriously, keep one eye on your health at all times.

Good luck.

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