Wareframe Mini-Guide on how to quickly solo gather Syndicate Standing daily By: TheSorrowInYou


Hey everyone.

This is going to be a quick one with a small guide on how to farm Syndicate Standing in under 10 minutes every day.

Things you’ll need for this particular method:

-a Helminth with subsumed Banshee OR the Banshee Warframe

-a Kuva Bramma

-some standard golden mods for your frames and primaries, including the augment mod “Savage Silence”

For this particular build I used Loki and tried to keep it as budget as possible (no primed mods, no primed frame, no arcanes).

The Loki build looks like this

The Kuva Bramma build looks like this

Don’t forget to equip the highest tier Syndicate Sigil you own onto your Loki to gain standing more quickly. This works with any frame as long as you have the Silence ability with the Savage Silence augment equipped. The invisiblity an “Hushed Invisibility” aren’t mandatory, they just help to sometimes keep your stealth multiplier when you’d otherwise drop it.

Go to Saturn – Telesto for a quick exterminate with Level 20 Grineer. Except the occasional Nox here and there, you will oneshot everything with the build I’ve provided.

Here’s an example run of the yields you can expect WITH a booster. You’ll get half of that without a booster, even though it’s still very fast. Mission time is roughly 2:30 minutes.

Some things that can improve your results greatly:

-Primed Sure Footed instead of the other knockdown resistance mods

-Preparation and Primed Flow for Full Energy at mission start

-Zenurik Focus School on Operator and Arcane Energize on Warframe for Energy Regain

-Primed Firestorm and Galvanized Chamber for even larger Kuva Bramma AoE

-Arcane Acceleration for Kuva Bramma Firerate

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