Warfram New boss fight guide/mechanics By: wyldmage


Okay, I got my whiny rant out of the way for how much this fight frustrated me. But that said, the core mechanics of the fight are pretty interesting, and have the right amount of challenge.

But if you’re here, you’re probably having a bit of trouble – either with the mechanics, or just learning the fight/patterns.

Quick disclaimer: There are some cheese tricks for this fight. I’m not going to deal with those at all. This is a walkthrough on how to beat the fight as-intended.


The fight against Nihil is broken up into 3 phases, denoted by his 3 healthbars. During each phase, what you have to do stays the same, but Nihil changes his approach by adding some new tricks.

The core pattern you need to do is:

  1. Dodge his eye beam attack, while still getting it to hit the ground somewhere.

  2. Quickly pick up the glass shard that appears.

  3. Throw it at one of the crystals floating, spinning slowly around the arena (careful, it arcs rather heavy downward, but the throw starts above your targeting reticle).

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until Nihil’s health bar turns red (it is a specific glassed character you have to hit each wave).

  5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to get another throwable, and huck it at the boss. Repeat this step 3 times.

After you hit Nihil 3 times, his health becomes grey again, and he spawns more glassed characters. Repeat the steps for each phase.

Straight forward enough, until you add Nihil himself into the equation. Nihil has 3 moves in the first phase, and adds a 4th in phases 2 and 3.

  1. Eye Beams. Nihil’s eyes will glow for a moment before shooting you with his lasereyes. This attack is best dodged with a slide, in order to cover extra distance, but NOT cause him to aim high and miss hitting the terrain.

  2. Vertical sword attack. Nihil will angle his arm for a vertical slash for a second or two before bringing it crashing down on your location (where you hopefully have left). This attack will destroy at least 1 terrain triangle that it hits, and I’ve seen it take out as many as 4 at a time. Getting Nihil to use this attack when you are on small areas of remaining ground is ideal, to keep the terrain destruction minimized. This attack is best dodged with a horizontal bullet jump (or mostly horizontal), but normal jumps are fine too if you are confident. The biggest risk here is that he will often follow this attack up with his Eye Beams, so you want to make sure you dodge TO a location with 3+ terrain triangles connected (so you can slide dodge the laser).

  3. Horizontal sword attack. Nihil will angle his arm for this attack (more across his body than behind), and after a second or two, will sweep his sword across the entire front arc. This attack does not destroy terrain, and is best dodged by a simple vertical bullet jump for distance/speed.

  4. Once past phase 1, Nihil adds a Teleport to his arsenal, with 7 possible locations. This counts as an ‘action’ to him, so he will pause for a bit after doing it, just like after every other attack.

In addition to all this, there are a few final bits to keep in mind:

  1. Falling off into the abyss will make you drop any glass shard you have, but otherwise is not a bad thing.

  2. Being hit by the sword is a one-hit kill. 5 times and you lose.

  3. If you do not pick a glass shard up, it will quickly destroy the tile it is sitting on.

  4. If you miss when throwing a glass shard, and it hits a tile instead, it will destroy that tile.

  5. If you lose the fight, you can skip the quiz by interacting with the large white crystal that spawns (this also doesn’t cost 5 resonance).

  6. Warframe passives & abilities are completely disabled (or at least the ones I’ve seen people mention in clan chat).


So, that’s all the core mechanics you’ll have going on. How does the fight itself go?

Phase 1: Focus on clearing this phase as FAST as possible. You have lots of terrain, but the longer you take, the harder things will get. Pay attention to Nihil and get a good feeling for his animations. He won’t leave the center, so make sure to stay on sections that he’s already given a good whack to. Better to lose 1 section entirely than to have 2 sections reduced to 2-3 triangles remaining.

Phase 2 is the same as Phase 1, except now he can teleport, allowing him to change the angle of his attacks. This is good for you though, as you can use the time when he teleports to plan out which platforms to stay on (since he can’t really hit you once you leave his proximity now). Focus on keeping terrain alive as best you can, and be patient. You’ll likely lose this fight 1 or 2 times during this phase if you need the practice. Of note, Nihil does NOT use his Eye Beams unless he’s in the center during Phase 2. And he will only ever teleport to/from the center (if not in center, he will teleport back to it).

Phase 3 changes things up more. Nihil will now teleport between any of the outer sections freely, and will use his Eye Beams from any position. However, at the start of phase 3, he will spawn some more terrain for you to stand on (which is desperately needed by this point). The biggest trick here is to stay far away from him (since he won’t chase you as actively as he could), and make sure you have space to dodge. Being far away gives more time to dodge the Eye Beams, which helps a ton if you’re on particularly small sections of remaining ground.

Overall, I found Phase 3 easier than Phase 2, once I got to it without having lost all the terrain already 😛

Any questions or comments? I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something amidst all that!

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