Ahoy thar, Legion! No Update 14 this week, sadly. But it’s all good! Several patches in a row they have tried to fix the Helios Sentinel. Does it work? Are Tenno having Codex Moments, or are they getting Photo Bombed? Sidenote to all Grineer Scorpians and Ballistas, I appreciate all the snapshots you’ve been giving me, (thank-you) but if you can scale back on the duckface just a tad, that’d be great. Okay, how does one actually get a Helios Sentinel? Clan Dojo! If you aren’t in one, clans are easy to find and while you can just buy it with Platinum we can’t just let the game win like that!! The only issue actually crafting Helios in the Foundry is he…

Or should I say “it”? It costs ten fielderon, 300 oxium, and a forma. All of these can be grinded out, but luck is the biggest factor on Forma, and generally all Clan Weapons require at least one, so if you are Forma starved you might want to hold off. It has two mods, targeting receptor and investigator. Receptor lets it fire, investigator does the scanning. I’d say leave the Receptor on just to level it up, but once you hit rank 30 with it you can take it off so it focuses solely on scanning. It scans pretty slow at the initial rank, so bump that up to just under max and you should be good to go. Oh, and don’t forget to equip Codex Scanners you buy off the Market. If you don’t have them on your Equipment Loadout wheel, these sucker won’t work at all. Built, Equipped, Modded.

Onto Function! Patch tweaked it’s parameters again, before it would just pick something randomly and scan it, but now it prefers enemies over containers. This is a great change as now it virtually ignores anything but enemies, and only scans objects when no enemies are nearby, or at least you’ve capped these enemies out int he codex. The programming is still a bit buggy as it loved scanning the squarish loot containers but never scanned the tube ones…

Namely because they are already capped out in my codex so why it doesn’t scan one but will the other I don’t know. In the past it had trouble scanning things above and below you so either jump like a madman under a corpus camera or just scan it yourself manually. While temporary as the scans add up fast, this is a fun mini-game in itself. I don’t know what it is about it, but seeing this hulking warframe ninja in space strolling through the halls letting his pet take pictures of the interior design is funny to me. It’s like a super weird version of taking your dog for a walk and letting him smell every little rock he passes by. Speaking of dogs! Had some fun with Kubrows today, but you might have seen that footage playing int he background already. I don’t know what Future ME is going to do. I’m no self-mind reader! Kubrow now have glowing red eyes and seem to maintain an aggro table on who triggered them in the first place as they ran past me when alerted by Grineer.

Who were ironically shooting at me in the first place but stormtroopered it up. These dudes are also part time chiropractors as they are able to not only stretch out this grineer’s aching spine, but even realign his neck. Good dog! Supposedly they added a popup to let you know when you have filled the codex quota per enemy and object mid-mission. I did this for a good long while but it never popped up. I exited the mission and found out that’s because these little rollers actually don’t even exist in the codex in the first place! I ran around in circles holding glow sticks for nothing! So that’s about it.

The Helios is a tad expensive to own, but scans things fairly reliably. The issue is it tends to scan things that it doesn’t need to or that don’t even exist according ot the codex, so it’s a bit up in the air. In the end, if you are out of Sentinels to level up and have the spare mats lying around, give Helios a try. If you’d rather scan everything yourself, it might not be for you, but at the end of the day it’s still mastery rank experience. Thank-you for watching, Legion! If this helped you out in any way or brought a smile to yo face, we’d be honored if you liked and shared this video with your fellow tenno. We do three uploads a week, so if you’d like to be updated on what we does, hit that Subscribe button! Should also be the annotation on the right, but I don’t think those work for mobile users yet.

Dats some Youtube Shenanigans! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Catch you next time, Legion. Take care!.

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