I’m asked daily to evaluate at least 5-30 kubrows on estimated price, and although my existing price guide is out there (which is still updated every few months) the thread was started in 2016 and so I figured it was time to post a new one so I now present to you all:

The 2018 UPDATED Kubrow value guide! 

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First things first! What makes a rare kubrow?! 
The lotus pattern is the most valued pattern (followed but merle which goes for a little more than other patterns but not by much and is sadly overlooked)  -bulky is the most desired build, and skinny is often the least desired.

(see my breeding guide linked at the bottom for full details on colours, patterns and builds)

All breeds of kubrow have an equal chance and doesn’t generally affect value, although Huras is the most popular breed and tends to sell for a little more overall.

OMEGA (tallest height) is NOT TRANSFERRED on in prints – Height and gender is 100% random and should not affect price. 

Below is the colour guide:  The colours highlighted in red are the rare colours, other colours are considered common.


Eye colour has no rarity, but ones that match the fur colours of the kubrow is often more desired.


Examples of the rare colours: (to be updated soon)


a note on orange (Jupiter brown) and shadow grey:

These two colours are sort of like ‘unofficial rares’ both have a low % chance of naturally occurring and are not available in the marketplace -however they both closely resemble other colours you can get in the market so a lot of people disregard them as rare. shadow grey is basically impossible to tell from other shades of grey and the orange is close to ‘tan’ colours though it is very distinct when you compare them both.

– Orange has a growing following with some breeders and though still doesn’t sell as much as other rares some people will pay a little more to get it.


Colour harmony is a big thing in making kubrows more desirable, a kubrow with nice bright colours that show of the pattern is far more likey to sell then a muddy or pale looking kubrow!
Here are the prices I have seen most kubrow currently go for –if you don’t feel these prices are right please let me know and we can discuss/ edit this list! Thank you!

Updated prices: 13/08/2018

All common color kubrows : 
Bulky non-lotus > 40-60p
athletic non-lotus > 20-40p
thin non-lotus > 10-20p

Bulky lotus > 100-180p
athletic lotus > 60-80p
thin lotus > 40-60p

Single Rare color kubrows :
Bulky non-lotus > 80-150p
athletic non-lotus > 40-60p
thin non-lotus > 10-30p

Bulky lotus > 300-450p
Athletic lotus > 140-180p
Thin lotus > 40-80p

Double rare kubrows:
Bulky non-lotus > 150-250p
Athletic non-lotus >  60-200p
thin non-lotus > 40-80p

Bulky Lotus > 700-1000p (double the same colour 900-1200p)

Athletic lotus > 250-450p
Thin lotus > 100p -200p

Triple rare kubrows ( NOT Triple Gold Kubrows)
Bulky non-lotus > 300-600p
Athletic non-lotus > 200-450p
Thin non-lotus > 100-200p?

Bulky lotus > 1200-2000p (depending on looks and the buyer)
Athletic lotus > 500-1000p?
Thin lotus > 200-600p? ?

Triple Gold Kubrows:  (these are what I have seen people try for but I don’t think they are worth these prices anymore)
Bulky Lotus > 2500-3000p (I have seen people try for 3500p but they often don’t sell for that generally)
Athletic Lotus > 1000 -1800p

Bulky Non-Lotus > 1000-1500p
Athletic Non-Lotus > 1000p?

Full Color Kubrows ( triple red, triple blue.. etc)
Bulky Lotus > 1200-2000p (red seems most popular, followed by purple and blue)
Bulky Non-Lotus > 1000-1200p (only seen one or two)

The prices will be edited with time and feedback as prices keep changing ty.

Useful kubrow links:




The old kubrow price guide:

kubow and kavat discord: https://discord.gg/jN5CVcy (nearly 700+ members as of 13 august 2018)


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