Warframe (7 Min) Plague Star Speedrun Guide By: TheAppleEater


Disclaimer: This is for pure speed and min-maxing, you have been warned. (Not meant for pubs)

Frames needed in order of importance: Loki, Wisp, AoE Nuke (Mirage, Ember, Volt, Excal maybe), Nova, Amesha, Elytron

Weapons recommended: Sarpa(any gunblade really) with Shattering Impact and Pyrana Prime (just massive dps)

What each Frame needs in their build

Loki: Combat Discipline, Savior Decoy, Max Range, 120+ Duration, Str (if you are going Rest and Rage), Hema with Fire Rate and Tactical Reload



Wisp: Max Str (best person to have Rest and Rage) , some duration


AoE Nuke: Max Range, Some Str (don’t need much, infested die easy)


Nova: Power Donation, Overextended, Lots of Duration


Amesha: Range, Duration


Elytron: Range


Tricks used to save time

Opening Nightwave Menu to skip Dialogue

Forcing Closest Drone Spawn by being near cetus entrance



Bounty 1

Wisp puts Haste Mote(only haste) at the entrance of the cave, Loki fires off all bullets of hema and holsters it to lose all hp down to <10, puts decoy at the entrance of the cave. Other 2 can stay at the drone force spawn location, Wisp joins them after putting down motes. Loki runs as fast as possible to the toxin canister, takes it, uses nightwave skip to find the location of the mixer immediately, then kills a mob to die from combat discipline and swap with decoy (saves a good 10-15 seconds at least). Rush over to Mixer with haste mote speed buff to start the defense.

Bounty 2

The person with Amesha puts Benevolent Decoy (2nd ability) over the mixer to eat all incoming damage from grineer spawns. Wisp puts motes on the mixer (vitality mote works on mixer). Everyone except the person with Elytron goes to the drone force spawn location when the mixer is about to finish. The person with Elytron takes the toxin canister out of the mixer and rushes over to the drone force spawn location before konzo shows where the drone spawn is at. If you get there early, you can Nightwave skip the rest of konzu’s dialogue).

Bounty 3

Loki gets to a spot about 200m away from the drone and 50m away from the boil to wait for the drone to be TPed. Elytron user that has the toxin canister goes to the drone and activates it. Use Warhead (4th ability) to boop the drone into the sky. Loki TPs the drone that is in the sky free of obstruction to his spot. Flies to end spot and TPs drone again. If you do it right, it should only take 2 TPs to get the drone from where it spawns to the boil. (<10 seconds needed)

Bounty 4

Everyone meets up. AoE Nuker does AoE nuking with abilities to not break infested spawners. Nova uses Molecular Prime on the Hemocyte to make it run out faster. Person with Rest and Rage Subsume uses it on Hemocyte to make it run out faster. (You can also use Elytron Warhead to boop the hemocyte out, but it sometimes bugs, so Nova + rest and rage is better IMO) Use Sarpa to strip Hemocyte Armor til his HP is red instead of yellow. Rinse and repeat 4 times and you are finished.


If you do it all correctly, you should be able to finish in under 7 minutes, unless infested spawns are terrible. (sometimes it be like that) My record is 6:17, haven’t seen faster, so I’m just assuming everything here is as fast as possible. If someone knows a way to make the run faster, I am all ears.

You can easily solo/duo/trio as well. In fact, I would imagine trio is best, take out the nova so you need less infested to spawn the Hemocyte. I’ve just done it in full squad because I want to do 10 runs in a row.

Good luck and if you have any questions I can answer them. Happy Forma farming.

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