Greetings friends!! I am Awemuse, and welcome to your comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to: Warframe Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll be covering along with a timeline so that if you’re unclear about one part, you can just skip ahead. I’ve split it between two parts: An introduction to some basic knowledge of the game and lastly where you will find most of your answers to the questions “What do I do now and what CAN I do now?” Alrighty, well with that said let’s get started! Now, you’ll first go into As a Tenno, the beings that you will be playing as who serve as the protagonist in all of this, you will be prompted for the frame you wish to start out with.Your choices are between Excaliber, Mag and lastly Volt – They’ve all got a theme to them, and are relatively balanced between offensive, defensive crowd control and nuke abilities.

Most frames are usually tied to a specific playstyle, but here there isn’t really a wrong choice as these starters are all well diverse so just go ahead and pick which seems most appealing to you!After that, you’ll go run through the rest of the tutorial, picking your melee, secondary, and lastly your primary weapons along with a fast paced introduction to basic controls that concern the mechanics of the game.

The tutorial simply does not stop there as it will further introduce you to mission types under the guise of an objective in the storyline and soon after you are free from your shackles, the rest of the universe is yours to explore! Lets start off by making sense of what is really put out in front of you. First, while in a mission – You have your shield (blue bar), health points ( red bar) and in the bottom right corner You have your skill icons, you have your energy bar (which is the resource that is consumed to use skills) You have your ammo pool, name of the weapon currently equipped Move around (sprint, crouch, slide ) Switch weapons – hold for melee, channel attack (which drains energy on hit while providing extra damage)can do a slide/air attack (which can also be used for getting around) to type in chat, press “T” to bring up your Map, press “M” [also do note, when in doubt follow the markers!] To bring up the party menu press “Z” and we cannot do this at the moment because we aren’t really in a party, we’re just playing solo – but that’s how you do it To bring up the progress menu, press “P” To use the voice comms, press and hold “C” and then you will be able to speak to others Items/Gear box/Emotes – Hold “Q” and select whichever Marking waypoints “G” and to switch camera sides press “H” Health blobs, Energy blobs, Mods and Resources – drop from enemies/locker In safe zones – such as your liset (your ship) or player hubs that are called ‘Relays’ Usually the same deal but a little more restricted.

To get to the Menu, hit escape You’ll have quite a bit of options – some that will just redirect you around the ship if you don’t feel like walking a meter or something, but most notably you’ll be using this for the ‘Equipment’ option to check on what you have in stock – also note this is where you can change your ship colors through the Decorate ‘Liset’ -> ‘Customize Hull’ , Communications you’ll have three options’Friends’ where you can check who’s online on your friends list, also who you had recently played with AND also where you go to add people as friends.’Clan’ will give you an option to create a clan of your own, or to learn about clans which I will be touching up on later. And lastly ‘Inbox’ where you will receive all sort of notifications and stuff.Of course, this is going off of PC – if you are shooting to play on the console I advise you take a look at how things are for you in the hotkey section; of course you could find this all yourself but to save yourself the hassle, but these are the interface tools you will be using most often and for your better interest to simply show you what you have at your disposal right off the bat.

Mastery level is essentially just a collective of your progress in the game so to speak. Things that contribute to your overall mastery level would be completing mission nodes on planets, and more than anything else – leveling warframes and weapons to level 30, which would be the max level for them in which they all carry experience towards your overall mastery level running at 100xp for weapons and 200xp for the frames. This is pretty important as you will most likely not want to backtrack. Always be leveling something and always max it before tossing it! Once your progress bar hits its’ maximum progress, you are then qualified for advancement in which you will then take a Mastery Level test, which tests you on certain mechanics of the While it may be subject to change, as it stands – there are weapons, frames and quests that are actually locked behind certain mastery ranks up until a certain point, so it is actually encouraged that you do get to Mastery Rank 8 so that you have access to all of them to experience everything – or at least have the option, given that you want to do so.

A little side note (in my personal opinion): Mastery Rank is just a measurement of how much content you’ve completed in the game. It hardly accounts for anything aside from that. The only other thing people will draw from it on generalization is how well equipped your account is to take on missions because of how much progress it indicates you have made; HOWEVER that is simply a generalization – which even if you are well equipped – MR does not hold to how skillfully you play. As previously mentioned, Warframes and Weapons have a max level of 30. Warframes in particular though have abilities which ranks up to stage 3 from unranked throughout this leveling process, running through four abilities.As you level these up, you will gain capacity points per level in which we will discuss further in the modding section.

This is actually super important! At level 0, you will have access to your first ability -starting out unranked. Unlock second ability at level 3 Unlock third ability at level 5 And fourth Ability at level 10. This is the chart that indicates the leveling progression – colour code for unranked, r1, r2 and r3 – A lot of the experience you get, is done through killing enemies – and if you complete the mission you are awarded bonus exp equal to about double in which you have accumulated throughout the course of the mission. Side note: Warframes have 4 revives per day On your navigation you will see the planets available to you and on closer inspection, listed will be a set of four types of resources you may acquire whilst on your endeavor. Collecting these resources are meant for the purpose of constructing new frames, weapons, consumables and building a clan Dojo Now, the marketplace seems like it is over flooded with things to pay with the cash currency, platinum – however there are sections for the blueprints which will serve as the framework for constructing whatever it is that you are aiming for, bought with the in game currency ‘credits’ and made with in game resources.

Just a quick example for instance if you go to the marketplace, and over to weapons under the blueprint section – lets purchase (boltor, a newbie favorite), you see you need (2 neurodes, 100 alloy plates, 900 salvage and 600 polymer bundles) resources, so you would then play missions on certain planets such as(Earth for the Neurodes, Venus for the Alloy Plates AND polymer bundles and lastly Mars for the salvage) to acquire them – in which it will cost an additional 25 000 credits to craft, indicated here.

After a waiting period it will be finished constructing and ready to use!Speaking of Platinum in the marketplace – you will actually start off with a whopping 50 platinum! As tempting as it is to buy cosmetics, the general consensus of most players is actually to use that 50 plat to purchase one additional warframe slot and 2 sets of weapon slots – you do this by going to the menu, under equipment and into your Inventory – here you can expand those slots by paying with your platinum.I personally agree with the general consensus and would encourage you to do so! By doing this, you give yourself a ton more lee way to have more frames and weapons in your arsenal for a larger variety in uses – which will let you tackle on more things as you are better prepared for them!You have an arsenal that lets you equip your Warframe, Primary, Secondary, Melee AND a companion – but they are only at base a shell.

Just as a parallel, similar to a nice computer case with nothing inside, or because you can relate everything to cars, like a frame with no engine. Mods are the life blood of just about everything. They will let you customize your play style to how you wish it to be. How they work is simple. Your frame or weapon have a set amount of capacity points, and you have your modification cards, referred to simply as ‘Mods’ that have a set amount of drain to them and will take away some of those capacity points in exchange for the bonuses these Mods provide. There are also polarities, which are the symbols up in the corner of the mod card – where IF you do choose to match, will reduce the drain by half of the mod cost. And otherwise if they are mismatching, it will actually increase the Drain There are also Aura cards for your warframe that provide a passive boost to your team, and will also grant additional capacity points, however these are only available through Alerts which are temporary missions that give added bonuses on completion.

Another notable mention are the stance mods for melee weapons – which will not only give you added capacity points for your melee weapon, but will also unlock sweet combo’s to use while in combat. With these Mods, you can upgrade by infusing or feeding other mods into it in which it will increase in cost in drain [the number on the top right corner of the mod] – which will take the number toll off of the mod capacity on the frame or weapon you are installing it on. As for most mods, they will work off of percentage. This means, that the higher the base stat is on your tool of choice, the higher they will scale with the mod. For instance, Excalibur has well rounded base stats at around the clock sitting at 300/300 shields and health n’ w.e. compared to volt, whose shields are at 450/300 – with an unranked Redirection mod that increases shields by 40%, Excalibur will see 340 shield points while Volt will see 510 shield points that is a 20 point difference in increase and with an unranked mod no less.Excalibur’s shield will simply not get as hard an increase as Volt does.

This applies around the board to weapons in terms of damages, fire rate, reload, critical and so on and so fourth. That said, there is also two other important things that affects modding, There exists an item that will double the mod capacity, and also one to create a polarity symbol which essentially if you match it to the mod will reduce the mod drain by half – otherwise if not matching, will actually increase the drain. You can use an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst (which are referred to as golden and blue potatoes) for your frame and weapon respectively and You can use a forma(which is what the item is called) to add or change existing polarities – and unlike the potatoes, these can only be used once your weapon is at max level while also resetting the level back to unranked once used. Why would you want to forma? The reason is simple.

As they do cut down the mod capacity, they allow more space for other mods which will further increase the power IF you choose to optimize it as such.As a resources, you can buy these in the marketplace – however, you may also get them through free means. The potatoes come up every once in a while in alerts, while the forma blueprints you can farm through the void. Which brings us to our next subject While you have your own values, so do the opposing factions which are generally split into three different sets. The Grineer, an armored based faction, the Corpus a shielded based faction and the Infested which consists mostly of flesh. And then there’s the void, which is somewhat of a cocktail comprised of everything.

On your Warframe you have a shield, health and armor rating. The shield is a stand alone value that depletes at a constant rate no matter how much you have and does not have anything that will mitigate against the damage done to it. Your health and armor rating are tied into each other at the value of Effective health = Normative health x (1 + Armor/300) And taking into account health and armor modifications – this Effective health = Normative health x (1 + Armor x (1 – Armor Modifier) / 300) / (1 + Armor Type Modifier) / (1 + Health Type Modifier) Damage types are a little more intricate as there are physical damage types and elemental damage types. What’s more is that elemental damage types can also be fused to create a mixed elemental which are more effective against different types of enemy defenses, that of which is also as intricate as the amount of elementals and on top of that; it is DIFFERENT from the Tenno defenses.

Physical damage is split into Impact, Puncture and Slash. Impact being effective against shields, Puncture being effective against armor and Slash being effective against Flesh. You have your base elementals, Cold, Electricity, Heat and Toxin and you can mix and match to combine for a total of six combination elementals your main elementals will be, Radiation – Grineer Corpus – Magnetic Corrosive – Infested/Void And Viral, Gas and Blast to follow suit. Each damage type also has a chance to proc (activate a special debuff) based on how much status proc percentage your weapon has – which will inflict a debuff pertaining to the damage type. Your star chart progression will look a little something like (insert star chart here) And to progress through it you need to complete mission nodes to get to the bosses – which on their defeat will provide you with a segment to unlock the following planet. Do note, the mission types with a white outline are the ones you have not completed but can play to unlock the fuzzy non-selectable mission nodes. Which brings me to Missions Types – There are a varied amount of mission types so here’s a quick explanation of each.

Exterminate – very straight forward search and destroy. Capture – Take down and capture a specified target(s). Rescue – Save a hostage! Assassination – which involves you fighting and killing a boss. Spy – retrieving data from vaults. Deception – while operatives are distracting, you go hack into their data mainframe. Mobile Defense – Protect the objective until the data is retrieved. Hijack – Defend cargo, depleting shields up to you extract (getting to the escape point).

And then you have the more or less ‘Endless’ Type missions where the difficulty scales up based on how much time/wave you spend clearing up until a point where you will HAVE to extract (or risk failing the mission). Excavation – powering and defending excavator diggers until they have extracted cyrotic (which is a mineral resource) & a reward Interception – Kind of like King of the hill. You hold four points and fight off enemies until you reach 100% – rewards are given every wave completed Survival – Survive while collecting life supply resources from enemies, activating life support capsules- rewards every 5 minutes. Defence – protect the Cryopod from waves of enemies – rewards every 5 waves of enemies*When it comes to objectives that require defending, it is highly recommended you stick around them – such as in defense or mobile defense as if their health depletes to 0, it will result in a failed mission.

Likewise with excavation you simply won’t get the reward it will dig up. *Also, in survival missions where you just must live for as long as you can muster the strength to – hold on to those life support capsules and only activate at 30-40% – think of it a simply picking a good time to harvest the fruit – why do it while it’s just budding? To put more clearly, it leaves a lot of lee way towards being able to work up life support from enemy drops – and from experience you tend to get dry spells and sometimes you’ll be able to stay a healthy 80% for a longgg time popping those life support capsules like they’re candy.

They restore about 30% so you shouldn’t be too jumpy on activating them. As a sub section to mission types, the following are simply different variants. Relays are a safe zoned hubs for many players to hang out and talk. It is also home to the void trader, and contains rooms for the many Syndicate leaders. Based on the Orokin (an ancient civilization with advanced technology), these Void themed missions are a scaled up variants of the many missions you will find throughout the Star Chart – ranging in difficulty from Tower 1 to up to Tower 4. Orokin Derelict – a subsection to the Void, it is an Infested Orokin theme’d set of missions*The void is subject to change sometime soon, however they remain the most profitable in terms of experience, credits and are home to prime parts (which when assembled, form a stronger variant of their non primed counterparts) Alerts are a temporary mission that gives a bonus reward on completion, providing a variety of things from additional credits , blueprints for weapons, cosmetic helmets or the Helmet, Chassis and System blueprints for the Warframe Vauban.

There are occasional alerts under these special types of missions, which adds on a variety of difficulties – one of which that is more well known would be the no shield mode. Alerts aside, Nightmare mode is also unlocked through completing all the nodes on a planet and on completion will provide a nightmare mod which has a dual effect.Invasions Allow you to team up with enemy factions for a reward, namely Grineer vs Corpus.

On completion – the opposing faction will mark you for assassination. The Gustaav Three and the Zanuka Hunter. There are also infested invasion types, however it is simply you vs them These invasions provide a reward bonus on completion of the mission node 5 times. This is a mission that will consist of 4-8 players and requires a special key to be built. We won’t go much into detail here as it is relatively complex and requires a lot of team coordination, but more overall it is an extremely difficult game mode and will require a more extensive play through of the game before you make an attempt at this.

[PvP] Solar rails – an alliance / clan based pvp system over dark sectors which are player ran mission nodes in which an alliance can impose a credit and resource tax in exchange for playing the mission node with the added bonus’ it provides. Duels – held in the clan dojo, a 1 on 1 friendly battle. Cephalon Capture – A pvp game mode where you capture the objective and score. Arcwing is another type of game mode in its’ infancy. It lets you fly all over space. You can gain access to arcwing through ‘The Arcwing’ quest. Currently the three game modes available are Exterminate, Sabotage & Interception. You have two different choices of companions in terms of type:Sentinels, which are cute little floaty robot things that’ll hovor along side you and provide extra cover fire with their tiny weapon – or Kubrows, which are an almost dog like species kind of companion. There are a good variety of each, and much like frames they have different perks to them, from cloaking you to mercilessly ripping apart your foes with specialties.

My only advise here is to go for the Sentinel as a companion, due to the fact that the under taking of a kubrow is a gigantic resource sink [A bigbigbig investment] and will take quite a bit to take care of. Upon reaching Mastery Rank 3, you will be able to finally join syndicates which are separate factions you can ally yourself with. They’ve all got their own incentive towards their goals and choosing which ones you join depend on you.They provide rewards where you can trade in a certain amount of Syndicate rep points, which are earned through doing them favors in Syndicate missions – or by completing missions while wearing their sigil, a cosmetic add on that represents them.The trade ins vary between many sigils, weapon augments and ability augments that provide a unique twist on an ability – or at the very end of the road to progressing through the rankings; a syndicate weapon unique to them, which has an innate Syndicate proc that effectively does a large aoe proc [explosion damage] AND restores a certain stat affiliated with the proc.

When allying yourself a faction, you are bound to get hated by an enemy syndicate faction. At most without backtracking yourself, you can ally yourself with 3 factions while being pitted against the other three. Clans; Simply put, a group of players who assemble under one name – kind of like a guild. It’s easy to make, but much like kubrows the undertaking of managing one is a large drain on resources [Huge Investment.] *Recommend to only embark on this journey IF you have a ton of extra resources to spare* The reason it takes up so much resources are due to the construction of a clan Dojo, which would be kind of like a guild castle where you can hang out in – but also because of clan research which are done in research labs in which they produce blueprints for many different types of faction weapons and things of the sort.

To join a clan, just message a recruiter anywhere with your in game name asking for an invitation, and once invited you will receive an inbox giving you the option to accept or decline. You will receive a clan dojo key blueprint in your foundry where you will be able to then craft it for access to the clan dojo. One piece of advise here is when you are starting out, search out for a clan through the recruitment tab in game, or on the Warframe forums.

There are plenty of clans recruiting with full research! Bigger clans or smaller clans – whichever is your preference for socialization means. Before getting into the whole “what do I do now” question, lets just quickly tackle a run down on the early bosses you will HAVE to face before being able to get your first frame. Jackal (on Venus)- a four legged machine crab that shoots rockets out of its back and stomps the yard like it’s 2007 To take this beast down you need to focus one of its’ legs down, in which it’ll provide vulnerability to attack the body directly.

Hide behind pillars or jump over the stomp waves – and as for the rockets just jump, move around and hope you don’t get in the way of one. Sgt. Nef Anyo (on Mars) – currently one of the easiest bosses to beat. He’s actually scheduled to be reworked extremely soon, but until then the only tactic is to kill him dead by any means. You could even sneeze on him if you wanted to. Alad. V (on Jupiter)- a man with a tech fetish. The strategy here is to down him, which in turn will deplete the shields of his machine dog Zanuka – try and take that thing out, and then Alad V will be free for killing. There’s a ton of annoyances with extra’s in the background shooting at you – but killing them will only result in more showing up. Your best bet is to just go straight for the kill. Lastly Ruk (on Saturn)- A man with an armor fetish and a superiority complex.

He has three phases, each of which will expose a bright glowing white spot on his shoulder, chest and lastly back in that order. Meleeing isn’t really possible, but while exposed you just shoot at the area to take him down. Use cover when he shoots up all his fire like diarrhea.Building The first frame available to you will most likely be ‘Rhino’, whose blueprint parts are obtained on Venus where you must complete the Assassination on ‘Jackel’.

His parts comprise of a helmet, chassis, and systems – and his blueprint can be picked up from the Marketplace. Warframes and weapons alike draw on some difficult individual resources that are somewhat of a rare drop. In the case of constructing Rhino, your restricting resources will be Neural Sensors, Morphics and an Orokin cell. Once constructed, you assemble them as a whole into the Rhino blueprint and will then be prompted to wait 72 hours. Your first weapons however are somewhat restricted behind your Mastery Rank, – but in this case my honest advice to you is to grab every mk1 and weapon buyable with credits in your arsenal, level them to 30 and toss them before moving on to market place stuff. If you are REALLY dead set on market place weapons, you can do what I did – which is to get whatever costs the least valuable resources and just play around, trying out different types and sticking to whatever felt best. For Primaries, starting out I’d recommend you take a look building the Boltor, Latron or Paris Secondaries, the throwing weapons, Bolto or Akbolto – or maybe the Furis or Afuris – do note that to craft the dual version of the secondaries you WILL need to craft another duplicate of the single variant.

For melee there is actually an intense amount of great weapons – but to keep it simple, the dual heat swords, Galatine or Orthos are all great picks. Warframes at base, you will normally look to run these mods at the very least. An aura mod (which can only be gained through Alerts) Redirection/Vitality as survivability mods. An Intensify, to increase the power of your abilities Continuity, to increase the duration of your abilities Streamline, to increase the efficiency and lesson the cost of your abilities, Flow, to increase your energy pool And lastly stretch – to increase the range of your abilities For weapon loadouts, At the very least most follow suit with a base damage mode, multi shot for primary and secondary followed by an elemental combination with whatever is left to optimize for whatever else.

Primaries at base will wantSerration, for base damage Heavy Caliber (a corrupted mod), for extra damage at the cost of accuracy Split chamber for multishot [extra bullet at no cost] And a dual elemental combination of your choice Secondaries would be Hornet strike, a base damage Barrel Diffusion, for multishot Lethal Torrent, a nightmare mod that increases fire rate and multishot Along with a dual elemental combination of your choice Melee weapons normally you look at getting Pressure point for a base damage Fury for attack speed And anything else you can fit on there really. It’s all good Do note that you should optimize! Remember what I said about percentages in the modding section earlier? Mod towards your strengths. The optimizing that comes afterwards should focus on that. It is hardly worth modding for crit or status if the weapon has less than 15% for example – it’s doable, but isn’t as effective as it would be if it would have 25% Now this section is just personal opinion, but based on straight forward – easy to understand play style while being moderately challenging to obtain – here are the frames and weapons that can cover a whole lot of the content and are highly versatile whilst being super effective.

Frost, a tanky defensive frame (Ceres) – he is most sought after for his third ability ‘Snowglobe’ which is a bubble that protects from all incoming projectiles and will slow enemies that enter the globe. An amazing frame for holding defensive positions. Trinity, a healer and restoration frame (Phobos) – being able to provide a global heal, energy for the team and with her link ability active boosting her survivability, you can’t go wrong with her. Nova, the destroyer of worlds (Europa) – one of my personal favorites, she is mostly used for her fourth ability Molecular prime which creates a large expanding aoe that slows enemies and provides a x2 damage bonus increase to enemies affected by it – and on kill, they go boom.

She also has a little nuke ball that depending on how much you feed it can result in crazy numbers. Lastly, Loki (Neptune) – There’s a reason why many refer to Loki as the master race, and through playing you can see why. While early on he doesn’t seem like much other than a squishy invisible pansy, in late game his fourth ability capable of disarming enemies from near and far is an absolutely invaluable asset to any team on almost any front. Not to mention while you are in stealth, it provides a x4 multiplier to your melee, so that’s always welcome.

And as for some honorable mentions, Rhino for his well rounded kit with pseudo invulnerability to help with his survivability, Valkyr (Jupiter)- for her outrageous armor value at a whopping 600 on top of being able to go invulnerable for a period of time And lastly Nyx (Phorrid invasion missions) for her third and fourth ability – being able to cast the land into chaos turning enemies against each other and drowning out the world in her own personal invulnerable bubble as for weapons , keep in mind that ANY weapon forma’d enough can be end game efficient – it simply comes down to tastes in terms of mechanics and preference, HOWEVER it is clear that higher stats equate to better scaling SO while we look at Primaries, with super high base damages and stats The Boltor Prime, for it’s insane dps through raw damage The Soma Prime, for it’s insane crit potential Paris Prime, for it’s insane crit potential going into red crit territory (which is essentially a critical of a critical hit)all of these you’ll have to hunt for in the void And these Clan tech, extremely ammo and damage efficient with high sustained dps; The Quanta and The Phage Syndicate variant of these weapons have proved themselves to be quite superior in many senses,putting those aside, the Akbolto and Maralok really go home with the trophy here.

As for melee, You’ll be looking towards the Dragon Nikana, the Dakra prime and the Dual Ichors – all do great in the dps crit section and can handle themselves fairly in just about every sense. In the end, play whatever you like because it’s your game; make it your own. Anything goes so long as you stick to it – but these are just a general guideline to go by through personal recommendation. Resource for Resources (farming) Credits – Void missions, Alerts when you can – dark sectors as well, but be aware they do have a tax on them and depending on how bad it is I wouldn’t really consider playing them. Resources – in general any endless mission will yield a ton of resources and are usually best for farming. Best to run survivals or excavation missions for this And for the most part, rare resources that drop by normally single units are best done by farming the boss nodes on the planets with these resources. Most notably Alad V for Neural Sensors, Ruk on Saturn for Orokin cells, Tyl Regor on Uranus for gallium Neurodes are best done through Lephantis, the boss of the Orokin Direlect – where you This mission can also double up for Orokin cells up to a drop chance of four times.

As for Argon Crystals – a requirement for a good sum of things, you may ONLY get them through the void and do have a decaying period, thus it is best to make use of them before they expire. Best farmed through Tower 1 defense. Mods – best place for mods are again, just like resources – endless missions. However most of what will form your modding foundation can be done by running the excavation missions as a reward, Cambria on Earth, E-gate on venus, or Spy missions. Prime Parts – Perhaps you’ve heard this mentioned around often, but these things are only obtainable through the void as rewards. Not only that, but they are also not a definite reward as the drop tables are quite diluted at the moment. Since it is the void, it is currently subject to change as with all the other things having to do with it, but up to this patch – this is about as good as it gets. Another thing to note is that primed weapons and frames are statistically better than their non prime variants.

Platinum – this will mostly depend on you. You have trades a day equal to your Mastery Rank, so the higher MR you are the more trades you will be able to do. You can often sell primed parts or mods to other players for platinum.Primed parts are great for plat, As for mods, the ones that are really going to net you a decent amount would be mods obtained through Vault runs. Vault runs are done in the Orokin Direlect exterminate. There is a vault randomly generated that looks like this – it will be unlocked with one of the four keys, so each of your team mates must bring a different individual key.

Once you manually acquire the relict, complete the mission as normal and you will be rewarded with a corrupted mod – depending on what it is will determine the price you can sell it for. The downside of keys is that they have a dramatic downside to them taking a big hit to your survivability stats, movement or damage depending on which one you hold.Crafting these keys requires you to go into the marketplace, under ‘gear’ and you’ll be able to purchase a blueprint for them. They also require a void key to be sacrificed for it’s construction. ~Lastly we have some tips, from me to you From me to you: Tips • Warframe is slow to start with having new set of things – but once you get the gears going, it becomes a lot more fun. You’ll have things rolling in and out of the foundry and more over it is a very goal oriented game – so set out for what you want.

It is practically your universe for the taking! • MOVE! Abuse your mobility. You are not restricted to a simple run up down, to the side and crouch tactics. You have the ability to use air melee, by pointing upwards and using your melee, coptering which is done by sprinting combined with a slide melee AND can be done in the air – wall running, catapulting which is done by slide jumping and so on and so fourth.

These are extremely useful for re positioning and getting around and are vital to your survivability • AIM FOR HEADSHOTS – it’s good practice, saves ammo, doubles your damage and piles up bodies quicker • Some quick in game terms – LF means Looking for, Taxi is another way of referencing a player who has unlocked the node and can bring others who haven’t unlocked the node into it – thus for example, you can ask other people to bring you to bosses by saying ‘LF Taxi to Neptune’ in which they will invite you to a party where you will take on the boss that is on Neptune. You can also use this term to have someone invite you to an alert – or if they are saying H> in chat, it means that they are hosting a specific mission in which you can just message them yourself and ask for an invite.

Don’t forget to say please! • Make use your external Warframe Information sources. (Warframe Wikipedia, Warframe Twitter Alerts, Warframe-builder and forums) Warframe’s kind of slow to start with having you travel at least 1/4’s of the way into the starchart to get the resources to craft your first frame JUST to be put behind an ungodly wait time for getting your first new set of things but once you get the gears going, it becomes a lot more fun you’ll have things rolling in an out of the foundry before you know it and more over it is a very goal oriented game! so set out for what you want.

It’s practically your universe for the taking! Honestly I think I’ve covered a good sum of everything – I do hope that this video has answered most of your questions if you are just starting out, looking into Warframe and of the sort IF you are a veteran watching this and think I’ve missed something, do post a comment as it may serve useful to some and I can then add an annotation where it is relevant -If you are a beginner and do have more questions you can comment or message me personally and I’ll be sure to get to you when I can. Now, if you wouldn’t mind rating this video with a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on if you liked it or not or subscribing I’d really appreciate it! I am Awemuse – This has been your comprehensive beginner’s guide to warframe update 16, 2015 Thanks for watching.

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