Warframe Best Primary Weapon

I’m going to list stats of some of the primary weapons I’ve used and list their cost, and actually worth to me. I’ll also be adding what secondary they work best with.

Dmg: 13.0
Rate: 8.3
Acc:  25.0
Clip:  48.0
Weakness: None
Best Against: None
Best With: Any Pistol With Good Accuracy
Costs: 8,000
Worth: 8,000
Details: It’s not the best weapon, though I would go as far to say that it may be the worst. Granted it is the starter weapon so you shouldn’t expect much. It’s good for new-players, but I would recommend buying your next primary when you get a chance.

Dmg: 30.0
Rate: 4.2
Acc:   100.0
Clip:  15.0
Weakness: Infected
Best Against: Grineer
Best With: Aklato
Costs: 50,000
Worth: 35,000
Details: A lot less powerful than the Snipetron, though it’s still pretty decent. I would say it’s a bit overpriced when you compare it to the snipetron. Personally I’d rather just save myself the time of having to 2 shot a grineer in the head and just go with the snipetron. If you were to compare it to the Gorgon, then I’d say it’s a bit weaker and could use a little more dmg. In my opinion this weapon should be buffed up to the 40-50 dmg range.

Dmg: 100.0
Rate: 1.7
Acc:   100.0
Clip:  4.0
Weakness: Infected & Corpus
Best Against: Grineer
Best With: Aklato (Bronco is actually recommended by a number of players, though I have not tried it.)
Costs: 50,000
Worth: 60,000
Details: I would like to say this weapon is over-powered, but really not by much. The fact that it’s almost impossible to use against Infected and Corpus without bottlenecking makes it only really good against Grineer. Although, if you were to counter-act it by having Aklato pistols then those bottleneck spots might work out well for you. In my opinion this weapon could be nerfed to the 80-90 dmg range.

Dmg: 25.0
Rate: 16.7
Acc:   100.0
Clip:  100.0
Weakness: Enemies At Longer Range
Best Against: Infected
Best With: Lex
Costs: 50,000
Worth: 45,000
Details: With this weapon I’m a bit conflicted. It’s not as accurate as it advertises which disappointed me, however it is rather good against bosses and enemy units with shields. It does have quite a bit of recoil and it’s easy to miss with it. Really the accuracy shouldn’t say 100 because if you were try try to single shot with it, then you’d probably miss. A good weapon however to counter-act it’s short-rangeness is the Lex which is twice as powerful as the Latron, but more than half the fire-rate of the Snipetron. In my opinion this weapon could be buffed back up to the 30 dmg range, unless they decide to make it’s accuracy advertised as it says above. I would be okay with either of these solutions,

Anyways, tell me what you guys think about these weapons. I’d really like to try out the Boar and Strun to see how these two compare as well as try the shotgun classed weapons for once. Personally from the stats the Strun looks to be a lot more powerful that Boar and the pricing is quite ridiculous between the two, but I’d have to try them out myself to see for sure.


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