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Warframe – Biotic Filter Farming Guide


Hello, everyone in this games forum welcome to our new farming guide. This is on biotic filters and warfare. Let’S get into it, you know the two firsts that you need that can open to get the resource. As you can see, the first one is a rail fist. That’S active in volume and it’s found on the surface. The second fist is the one i recommend going after is a little bit uncommon, but it’s active in both cycles and you can find it in caves and i will show you a cave that is highly recommended format and once again, these are the two fish all Right this is the cave. We get the uncommon fish at, as you can see, it’s right, yell those two entrances.

I recommend coming through this entrance if you’re trying to get to the spot that i’m going to show you a little bit faster. But let’s entrance walks as well: let’s go ahead and go to the spot, all right, so you’re going to come down here and then hopefully not hit anything while you’re jumping down right and then the spot that you will be pissing out is right, yeah and then They will spawn in this area right yeah. They don’t really spawn on that side for some reason, but this side they should pop up pretty often, and you will find them in the waddle to prove that this spot does work, as you can see once a spawned right here. Let’S go ahead and catch it. There we go it’s not that big, it’s just basic, but that does prove that they spawn in this location. If you’re going after the well fist, i would highly recommend using the processed fast residue that will help you get the fist for when you’re fishing and then for the uncommon fish. I highly recommend using foam while you’re inside that cave all right.

As you can see, i’m at the dotto i’m going to cut these fish open, i’m just cutting the uncommon fish open to prove that you do get the results from them. Let’S go ahead and do that all right, as you can see, i’m going to get 28 and i’ve only selected about 14 fish, so it should walk and i’m getting 28 results and i already own 411. So that’s pretty good. All right! Let’S go ahead and conform. There we go if you have any questions about the guide at all. Let me know down in the comment section, but i really do hope. This guide helps to get more biotic filters and wall frame and i’ll see you next time games from out.

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