Warframe – Cambion Drift Rare Fish Farming Guide


Hello, everybody: it is gaines from welcome back to the channel. Let’S get into this forming guide, here’s the cave where you can find the first rail fist doing, foam and fast it doesn’t matter what cycle you’re in. As you can see those two entrances you can come for this one and come for this. One warm up currently either way, there’s a place inside an open area where you can fish that and you can get the resource quite a bit, though, as you can see, there’s one spawned right here as i’m using uh one bait: let’s go ahead and pick that Guy up there we go okay.

Now another one spawn is a question yep instantly another respawn, that’s two already here’s some proof that they do spawn yo. As you can see, there’s quite a few. Let me go ahead and grab them. Okay. This first got my weight. My bad all right: let’s go ahead and grab these two guys and then there’s a short one over there too. If i can reach it, can i get that one there we go there’s another one and then i’ll grab this guy right here. That’S three right off the bat: it’s a really good spot overall, and they spawn you quite a bit, see there’s no one spawning. Let’S go ahead and further there we go looking good here is the location, as you can see it’s during the bomb cycle. That is very important. As you can see, i got 40 of the rail surface fists when i was out, though, trying to find a good spot, and i used the processed fast residue to get the fist a little bit faster.

As you can see for the rail cave face, i got about 36 pretty quickly and the right though, and the stilled row are at the beginning, and it was pretty simple to get them. I just had to use quite a bit of the processed foam residue, which was the main thing about that, and then they popped up pretty often thank you so much for coming by and checking out the video. I really do appreciate that if you need any help with the guide, let me know in the comment section and i’ll respond as quickly as possible. If you enjoyed the video, please hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to see future content coming out soon, but i’ll see you next time. Games from out have a wonderful day.

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