Warframe Defeating The Stalker Guide


Warframe Defeating The Stalker Guide?by takku

The Stalker is a rare NPC/Enemy who apparently hunts down players that have recently killed a boss. He will appear seemingly at random during your missions and be about 15-20 levels above yours, killing you in a matter of seconds while giving you little to no chance to fight back.

Know Your Enemy

There is a dark presence hunting down Tenno who have brought death to our enemies. It has a misguided sense of justice and sympathizes with those who seek to destroy our society. Its powers are those of our own and the armor it wears is cloaked in shadow ? it must be destroyed.

There has been a lot of speculation about the Stalker as to who he is or why exactly he cares about the bosses you kill. In this guide, however, I intend to focus on his profile and viable strategies for dealing with him.

First and foremost, know that he will attack you after talking to you three times in the same fashion bosses taunt you (a message with his avatar appearing on the left side of your screen). After the third time, your screen will flicker and he will attack. Upon his (however unlikely) demise, he will ?send? another message indicating his defeat.
As of a recent patch, he was nerfed to concede defeat upon dropping below 10% health, and leave. He does not leave a corpse nor drop any loot. The only reason to kill him is that he wants to kill you.

? High Shield
? High Health
? Apparently high Armor rating
His high level obviously means he is tough to kill.
Also, his movement speed seems to parallel Ash?s.

He appears to bring 2:
? Assault Rifle (possibly a Braton)
? Melee Weapon (a Sword, possibly a Skana/Cronus)

He has been reported to use the following:
? Ash?s Shuriken, Smoke Bomb and Teleport
? Excalibur?s Slash Dash
? Rhino?s Charge combined with Volt?s Electric Shield

He is apparently immune to any Stuns, Staggers, Slows or any sort of Crowd Control, both from Weapons and Abilities. He will not be affected by Trinity?s Link, Loki?s Decoy, Saryn?s Moult, Excalibur?s Radial Blind or anything like that.
However, there have been reports that Frost damage on weapons can slow him down, although I could not verify this myself yet. In the event that you get to try this, make sure to avoid his Slash Dash, as he will probably use it to close the gap if you try and kite him.

Viable Weapons

Videos showcasing a fight against the Stalker usually end with the player getting killed by him. Players being able to fight him will usually try to avoid Melee range most of the time and shoot him with from a distance, although these players usually have Warframes with a high armor rating (Rhino or Frost).

Other than that, Shotguns with highly boosted Damage and Armor Piercing Damage seem to be the most effective primary weapons against him, with heavy melee weapons (like Gram and Fragor) as a backup if you can survive being in Melee range.

In any case, you should make sure to escape to a nearby corner whenever he depletes your shields, which will happen quickly without high armor. It should be noted that it is not viable to stack Bonus Armor on a Warframe that is not Rhino/Frost.

Working Abilities

As described above, abilities will not let you control him, although damage abilities will deal damage to him. However, abilities granting damage/knockdown immunity will also grant such immunities against the Stalker. This is true for most ?Uber? skills (the ones you press 4 in order to activate them), and also for abilities such as Excalibur?s Slash Dash.

It is not recommended to rely on these abilities though, as their damage will not be sufficient to kill the Stalker and he will usually walk up to you and kill you with his sword as your immunity ends ? with a high shield recharge rate it might be enough to regenerate your shields completely, though.

However, some Warframes come with abilities that grant you damage immunity while letting you move and attack at the same time, so Rhino?s Iron Skin comes highly recommended. Likewise, Ash?s Smoke Bomb and Loki?s Invisibility allow you to escape an otherwise fatal blow.
Also, Nyx?s Absorb should work on him, but as I don?t have the Nyx warframe (yet), I cannot promise it will, and my knowledge is limited to Excalibur Prime, Banshee, Ash and Frost. Anything else is either speculation or what I found out on forums and the Warframe wiki.

Cheesy Strategies

There are excatly two strategies I know of, other than trying to fight him utilizing what I told you so far, to effectively kill the Stalker.

1. Reinforced Glass Trick
Ever been locked out because one of the reinforced glass windows broke? You can do this on purpose and use it to your advantage:
? Lure him into a room that has reinforced glass (if you played Warframe a bit you will know these rooms. Be warned that missions containing outdoor locations such as Corpus Outposts do not have these).
? Quickly leave the room, either by running really quick or by being Loki/Ash with enough energy to use Invisibility/Smoke Bomb.
? Immediately shoot one of the windows with an accurate, high-damage rifle/pistol. Paris, Kraken, Snipetron etc. should work fine.
? Wait until you get another message from him indicating he was defeated.
? Hack the console and continue your mission.
Note: Most of these rooms have a small squarish room with a few containers and a console in them. These are good to hide in while waiting for Stalker?s demise, as it has no other entrance for other mobs to come in and attack you.

2. Enemy vs. Enemy
It appears that the Stalker will get attacked by any mobs present in the mission as they encounter him, especially when these mobs cannot spot you.
? Wait for Stalker to appear.
? Leave the room right away, be fast about it, ignore other mobs. (again, Loki/Ash can escape easier. Sprint Speed and Stamina mods are highly recommended for others)
? Keep running until you reach the objective, the more rooms he has to cross, the better.
? You will eventually see another message from him indicating his defeat.
? Continue your mission as usual.
Note: Lockdowns are your worst enemy (other than the Stalker) if you try to do this. When not solo, you will also have trouble whenever you run into a door that requires two players to open.
Also, this obviously works better if you are not overleveled as his level depends on yours.
Therefore, high level Infested missions or Corpus outdoor areas swarming with enemies are perfect to try this. It worked for me every time I tried it.

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