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Warframe – Dendrite Blastoma Farming Guide


Hi everyone, it is gamesform and i have a new foaming guide. Let’S go ahead and get into it. Here’S the two fists that you need to cut open to get the actual resource and, as you can see, i highly recommend using fast bait, while you’re fishing for both the fish and then they are both active. But during both cycles and then you can find them in caves – here’s the cave where you can fish that, as you can see those two entrances, i’m at this one or you can come for this one. This one is a little bit closer to the doll at the main entrance to the main location. So there’s two places inside we can fish that one’s tinier and then one is a little bit bigger.

But there’s is a few mobs that spawn at the bigger area. So that’s something to note, but it’s a really good spot to fish. I highly recommend it all right, as you can see right here. This is the bigger area that i talked about, and this is what i originally was fishing at for a bit, but i found out that richard spinier actually spawns more in the tiny air i mean you can still get quite a bit yellow, but they spawn so Much over here, so let me go ahead and show you and then there’s a little tiny area. Oh look at those guys right, though they spawn right here quite a bit. So if you’re trying to get rich wispina, i highly recommend this area. But if you’re trying to get both, they do spawn with all, but this is the main area for virtuospina all right. Once you get to the donal, all you need to do is click the cut fish option and then let’s go ahead and find the fist, which was penis downhill. So i will pick um. Let’S do m i’ll pick five. I suppose yeah i’ll do five and then let me find the other one here. We go uh medium long still odds.

Let’S do five alarm too. All right, let’s cut the fist and then we will get ten. So you get one for each fist that you can open, it seems like, and then it looks pretty good there we go and that’s how you get the results. Thank you for checking out the video. I really do hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, but if you have any questions about the guide, let me know down in the comment section and i’ll respond as quickly as i can once again. Thank you i’ll catch. You next time games from out .

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