HI I’m Qynchou. This is Ash, master of the sword Ash is an armor that was released early in the game. After that, he did not have much operational flexibility In addition to the constant use of “blade storm”. Afterwards, he launched a group MOD that he can use. Add some diversity, but did not make him more popular Until recently, the “blade storm” was remade and his interactivity and maneuverability were significantly improved. The second skill “smoke screen” was also a small Buff, now can More flexible use. The Rebirth of Bladestorm has disappointed most players With the release of the new armor (Nidus), Ash slowly fades out of meta However, now Ash has become more interactive and more practical than before Each skill can be used to accomplish a specific goal Make him a war armor that can’t be underestimated In this video I will show you can play all of Ash’s skills And let him still have a strong viability configuration in high-level levels And this is the “disappearing blade” Ash.

“Enlighten” Ash has normal basic armor 150 (Prime version) As well as high basic life His basic armor is not particularly good The ability to absorb damage is not as good as Nidus This is the quality of a double-edged blade You can reply to life through combat in combat And it will have an endless stream of energy But the price is that you must be more cautious in high-level tasks Enabling installation or not is not required But “defender” empowering can provide stronger survivability And make it easier for you in high-level tasks Ash has a high amount of blood, and it is very compatible with the survivability of the MOD Let him get extra armor is very effective “MOD configuration” Configuration is quite simple, but also very effective The configuration will focus on sufficient skill intensity, power efficiency, and excellent survivability, while at the same time improving the succession Aura uses “steel charge” Put “somersaults” in special functions Because in the use of Ash, the most vulnerable and the most common condition is knocked down. And this will be a great help “Viability” increases life, “Steel Fiber” gains extra armor and raises armor to 315 “Accurately”, “rivering” and “continuous flow” will enable you to maintain high energy and high blood volume, and be able to use energy as emergency blood use.

“Instantaneous perseverance” increases ability strength “Sharp-Handed Sword” with “Momentary Perseverance” will completely eliminate enemies’ armor. Finally, installing “fatal transmission” enables you to approach and quickly resolve heavy enemy units In this configuration, the duration is not very long However, it is enough to take down the enemy armor when you remove them “Sharpening Shuriken” will give you 6 seconds to kill your enemies And that’s more than enough Ash’s “smoke screen” has a very short duration It takes a lot of effort to elevate it to a better length of time, so it is not worth doing it.

However, even if the duration is extremely short It’s a skill you can use almost any time, and it’s very fast. 6 seconds allows you to escape from chaos and reorganize, or approach dangerous enemies This configuration has a very strong ability to survive And using “bursting” to get a strong contender Allows you to use skills from time to time without having to worry about energy “arms” This is a recipe that can use all the skills and is suitable for close combat We must fully use the energy of the “brutalization.” It’s better to be able to use a powerful melee weapon One of the best choices is to put on an “emergency and sudden sudden” crit weapon.

Put “Prime Point” to increase the melee damage “Life hunting” to restore blood volume “Rapid” and “kill count” to increase combo time and add a significant crit rate “Mutilate” to increase the rate of crit Combined with kill counts and rushing suddenness can cause a lot of damage “Fever Combat” plus “North Wind” to Synthesize Viruses And finally put “Revenge Prime” to increase attack speed The reason why “Raging Prime” is used to replace “Bantaker” is because Berserker is viewed as a bonus effect and does not affect the Bladestorm and the animation speed to end the attack. The “Revenge Prime” can achieve accelerated results when “Deadly Send” and tricks are cast.

Make 2 more efficient Virus damage works well against unarmored enemies Due to the “Sharp-Shaped Sword” can completely eliminate armor Most of the enemies you attack will be unarmored “play” After entering the mission, you can directly join in the battle Against unarmored enemies such as Corpus or Infestation You don’t even need to use “cut a sword” To deal with enemies with armor, such as Grineer, “Sharp-Handed Sword” is able to remove all armor. Because of the very short time for the “Shou Jian” Do not even interfere with your fighting tempo most of the time Deal with flying or hard to kill units such as Osprey and Moto Using “Blade Storm” will be very effective “Blade Storm” will cause the end of armor to ignore the damage, and must trigger the bleeding effect Can be used to deal with airborne or high damage units beyond a certain distance to reduce risk Although relying on “vigor”, “steel fiber” and empowerment, you have achieved good survivability. Undoubtedly, some units still have the ability to knock you down in a very short period of time. For example, Grineer’s raging slayer, or slayer cat trainer, or Corpus’s mist stunner are very dangerous.

You can use the inhalation of “smoke screen” to dodge their attacks, or use “fatal transmission” to kill them immediately. You can also use the “smoke screen” repelling effect and stealth to rescue fallen teammates The trick with Ash is to keep moving and constantly attacking Use skills from time to time Once you stop in the enemy group, you must die And this is also the reason why you use “somersault” It speeds your fall to ground and minimizes your down time in enemy groups. This is especially important when fighting against units that are often knocked down by players like Scorpio or heavy units. “Shuriken” is the same as “Bladestorm” and can also trigger 100% bleeding. This means that even if they are level 60 enemies, they can get them with a “sword in hand”.

So when you fight the enemy on the ground, you don’t simulate throwing a few “shoes” into the units in the air. So you can deal with both threats at the same time A dagger equipped with a “killer” mod allows you to directly kill the “monster” in the Infested level. This effect is very useful when dealing with other Boss For example Kela de thaym (Sedna) “Other games” When it comes to empowerment, you don’t have much choice “Avenger” Energize will greatly increase your output, but it is not suitable for Ash “Enrichment” Empowerment is not a good choice, because the energy gained through “burstification” is much higher than that provided by empowerment. Ash’s all skills can use the group to strengthen mod But in this configuration “Sharp-Sharp” and “Fatal Transmission” would be the best choice “Asylum Smoke Screen” is suitable for long-lasting configuration and has good function in rescue missions However, there are simpler ways to achieve this, such as Limbo Finally “surge” can increase the duration of the melee combo However, almost all weapons now have a “kill count” or “drift contact” to make this MOD piece not so useful Ash is undoubtedly a powerful Warframe All the skills have a good function.

Passively interacting with both the “Sword” and “Bladestorm” has a good interaction mechanism. You have the ability to complete high-level tasks Has excellent mobility, practical skills, ability to cleanly resolve Boss or high armor enemies in a very short period of time Make Ash a very powerful Warframe And this is the “evanescent edge” Ash Translation By:NoisyChief.

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