Warframe – Goopolla Spleen Farming Guide


Hello, everybody, it is GainsForm welcome back to the channel in today’s video. We have another farming guide for Warframe, let’s go ahead and get into the video alrighty to prove they do spawn here. As you can see they’re right here, let me go ahead and catch this guy. There we go as you can see, he is a medium fish and let me go ahead and show you the location on the map.

As you see its in this corner by the ocean, it’s a pretty good spot for some extra proof to show that the fishing location that I showed does work. As you can see, I did catch 72 of the fish as you see in the top row, and it actually happened pretty quickly due to the fish being pretty common. As you guys know, we need to cut the fish open to get the actual resource, ( Goopolla Spleen ).

So let’s go ahead and do so here we go. Let’S find it it’s right here, as you can see, we have quite a bit of Goopolla ( the fish ) we’re gon na go ahead and select all of them. Then i messed up and re-clicked on that one accidently there we go we’re gon na hit the cut fish button and we should get quite a bit for all of them, so we’ll get 130 of the actual resource, ( Goopolla Spleen ), which is really good. The bait I was using when I was fishing for the resource is this bait right here called twilight bait. It’S not needed, though, because the fish is common, but I was just using it to help the other fish spawn a bit quicker.

So if that is what you wan na use, then you can alright everyone. I really do appreciate you coming by and checking out the video. It means a lot and let me know if the video has helped you out with the fish and the fishing resource. I’D really appreciate that, but if you’ve enjoyed the video so far, please hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to see future content coming out soon, but I’ll catch you next time. Gainsform out Have a wonderful day.

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