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Warframe Gorgon Guide?by Gratuitous Lurking

Intro: WTF is the Gorgon?

?She weighs one hundred fifty kilograms and fires two hundred credit, custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute. It costs four hundred thousand credits to fire this weapon?for?twelve seconds.?

As you climb up the ranks, you?re bound to see this thing more times then is socially comfortable. Truth of the matter is, the Gorgon is one of the most popular pieces of tech in the Grineer lineup, acting as standard-issue to the Grineer Heavy Gunners, and a few of the Grineer commanders also use the Gorgon as thier Long-Gun during Assassination attempts. After much toil, however, you too can get ahold of this formidable destructive force.

The Gorgon is classified as a ?Heavy Automatic Machinegun?, and this Grineer-manufactured monster is nearly as long as some of the Tenno are tall. Even still, it?s light enough to not interfere with your space ninja abilities, but it?s a bit of a doosy to get in the first place. With that in mind, I will attempt to help you to get to know this beast, and how best to equip it for smooth operations wherever you take it.

Acquiring the Weapon, Stock Stats, and Pros and Cons

The biggest barrier of the Gorgon is it?s price tag of 50k Credits- not something you?ll be investing in when you first start thte game, that?s for sure. Luckily, the Gorgon also has the restriction of only being?usable?by those who reach Mastery Rank 3, otherwise known as Gold Initiate, so that?s a good reason to stock up some on the side when you get close to that milestone, instead of having to scrambe for it for the start. Upon scraping together the credits, simply head to your arsenal or the marketplace and purchase this bad boy up.

The Gorgon?s stats, when you first get ahold of it:

? Base Damage: 24
? Base Fire Rate: 16.7
? Accuracy: 11.8
? Base Clip: 90
? Base Ammo Size: 500
? Base Reload Speed: 4.2s
? Polarities: N/A

The Gorgon?s biggest difference from some of the less? overcompensating guns is when the gun is fired, it spools up slowly, soon reaching a blisteringly high fire rate that is able to churn out lead at surprising speeds. In addition, it?s first shot is laser accurate upon burst or single fire, allowing it to serve as a soft sniper in a pinch. Trust me, it?s not?advisable?for a whole mission however.

Once it?s fully spun up, this thing is a terror against singular, heavy targets, as well as able to mow down groups of lighter enemies, but it does have it?s downsides- primarily is that it does not come with any default mod slot polarities, so no lowering the cost of any mods you slap onto this puppy. This makes it extremely difficult to level it to such a point it can take those mods, notwithstanding getting a Orokin Catylist installed for a boost in mod slots. In addition, once it gets going it?s accuracy swiftly takes a nosedive, making this unreliable across a large room, especially on those spacious Corpus ice worlds. And let?s not forget, firing under full auto, even with it?s gratuitously high clip, will swiftly leave you with no rounds, resorting to using it as a way to keep your back strait for most of the mission instead.

Murderer of Bosses and Maker of Rambos: What to Modify and What Else to Bring

The Gorgon is one of those few Long-Gun options that are not often used as the player?s primary weapon, due to limitations of the weapon?s design. In the Gorgon?s case, it?s a deadly burst weapon, but it?s ammo-hungry nature will leave you wanting if you use it on too many smaller squads. It?s ability to saw right through elite enemies and bosses however is not to be denied, and as such, creating this monster to it?s fullest potential will take time, as it needs nearly all it?s mod capability to be a true force to be reckoned with.

Typicly, the Gorgon is used as a easy way to farm Bosses, due to it?s high RPM and ability to keep the boss?s shields surpressed for a long time. It?s early-windup accuracy does allow for short bursts to be used to deal with some trash, however it?s most effective when it?s fully wound, discouraging it?s use as a trash killer except in certain situations, like a huge horde down a long hallway. You?ll want to carry things that can cover yourself for your sidearm from such swarms. Good suggestions include the Bolto, AkBolto, Viper, or Duel Viper, as well as most Heavy Melee weapons. If you truely want to dedicate to your Gorgon, carry along the Rifle Amp or Rifle Scavenger artifacts to ensure you dish maximum damage or keep topped off.

In the case of mods, the Gorgon?s most important mods you should look for is Ammo Drum and Magazine Warp. There?s a reason Magazine Warp shows the Gorgon, people. Both these mods will drasticly help both your sustained fire duration and the amount of reloads you?ll be able to squeeze out. Reducing that huge reload timer is also imparitive for it?s role for boss crumping, so slap on a high-ranked Fast Hands to keep your downtime low. Split Chamber?s Multishot effect is especially useful on the Gorgon when boss hunting, although not advised for a starting Gorgon due to the high cost of installing it in comparison to it?s other needs. Another good option is to use either Cryo Rounds or Thunderclap, which will allow you to slow down or chainstun trash mobs, allowing for quicker kills and less strain when aiming.

For those looking for a specific instruction, prioritise installing Ammo Drum and Magazine Warp, then your choice of either Fast Hands, Serration, or Split Chamber, followed closely by Cryo Rounds or Thunderclap. From there, install other damage mods, like Piercing Hit or Hellfire, to increase the lethality of your Gorgon.

Final Thoughts

The Gorgon, like the other 50k Credit weapons, is in one way extremely specialized. With that said, a competent hand will allow this great beast to chew through many a target, with some love and care to deal with it?s most glaring issues. The Gorgon?s high fire rate will make it a great asset with teamplay, though soloists may wish to avoid this one. Either way, there?s nothing quite like strapping this onto a Rhino, hopping into an extermination mission on Saturn, and giving to the Grineer back all those time you walked around a corner into a Heavy Gunner with low shields. Poetic justice and all that.

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