Warframe Guide for Mastery Rank 30 Test By: Jin825


For others looking to find builds/generic guide for MR30 test, am sharing mine in case it helps.

Inb4 DE claims that infinite ammo is unintended

My build utilises Bramma (duh!) and Jat Kittag with Atlas infused with Inaros’ Dessication.

Have also used Madurai purely for the passive damage bonus.

Now, the initial disclaimer by Lotus saying that the main goal is to survive is not exactly accurate:

only the life support level countdown matters towards failure – dying does not fail the test.

Inb4 DE claims that this is also unintended

How the test works:

5 waves total and each wave consists of 2 exterminate rounds:

– first round will consist of normal mobs

– second round consists of those with “bosses” with enhanced stats*: nullifiers, bombards, heavy gunners, arbi shield drones (for later rounds), brood mothers and shield osprey (+Nox for final round)

*for my guide, it really boils down to just 3 enemy types:  
1) finisher-prone enemies: Bombards/Nullifiers
2) knockdown-prone enemies: Bombards/Nox
3) Normal enemies: shield ospreys/arbi shield drone 
- after every wave, trigger life support capsule asap to start next wave without losing much life support (esp when below 70%).

Key takeaways:

Killing of enemies should be suited for each enemy type for greatest efficiency:

1) finisher-prone enemies - I used Dessication to trigger finishers 
(finishers may be more effective than trying to ragdoll enemies with Void blast)

2) knockdown-prone enemies - I used Jat Kittag's ground slam* to knock the Nox off the map 
(his dmg resistance is insane and you would waste too much time trying to kill him with finisher/normal weapons)
*Other means of knocking enemies off platform include Operator void blast/Acceltra etc.

3) Normal enemies - AOE blast them to oblivion; 
I used the minimap to shoot at enemy clusters instead of trying to aim 

Tips to note(and save time):

  • While getting killed is no biggy, it does waste time/life support and you will need to make up for it

  • Status/knockdown resistances are immensely helpful for same reason above

Less knockdown/slow recovery time = more pew pew = less life support required (in case it needs to be said.)

I used Atlas for his knockdown-immune-passive-on-ground + rolling guard for status immunity and invulnerability

  • While not necessary, some mobility mods helps. Especially when trying to move to mob-clusters around the corner, faster.

The only build I felt was important would be for my Bramma if you are planning to AOE-clear:

Note that the main strategies are not build-specific so go wild and do post your successful strategies or tips here too.

P.s. am new so if there are pre-existing megathreads available, do help me link this. Thanks.

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