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Welcome, Tenno. This is probably one of many places which you can find information on how to use the Mod system. While the codex can be used to explain how mods work, and any other tutorials, I believe this guide can also help give an in-depth look at the full mod system.

The Module system

In a game such as warframe, modules (or more commonly referred to as mods) are everything when it comes to making a stronger warframe. Mods are found in any mission you play, some rarer ones are spawned from drops, some are mission rewards, but the common understanding is that mods are here to help you. Based on your playstyle, mods can work for you, but only based on how you build your warframe.

Mods: Mods can be utilized in many different ways, but primarily they can be used to optimize your warframe and weapons. As you move forward, you will progressively find more and more mods when you play, some can be gained in various ways.

Modding: If you open the mods section on your orbiter (The machine opposite of the foundry), you will enter the mod menu. This menu shows all of your mods, and 4 options which can be used to manipulate your mods. Above your mod collection, you will have 4 options: Fusion, Transmute, Sell, and Dissolve. To begin any of these, select a mod, and pick one of the options.

  • Fusion: Enhances a mod using Endo and credits. By using this, you make your mods stronger, and they also take up mod space in your weapons and warframes.
  • Transmute: This is basically the mod trade, except you never know what you get out of it. You can put any 4 mods into this in any order, and the system will give you a random mod in return. This could be a mod of any rarity, so you may get something that nobody would ever expect.
  • Sell: Sell mods for credits. Mods of higher rarity often go for much more. if you want to do this, I recommend you sell duplicates only. Mods with a lot of duplicates are typically easy to find. This is a useful way of getting credits when you’re starting out.
  • Dissolve: Dissolving mods will turn the mods into endo which can be used to enhance mods.
  • Ayatan Treasures: While this is not primarily meant for mods, this is something which may take a little more explaining to understand. For right now, I will stick to mods, and explain this later.

Equipping Mods: This process should be very easy to understand if you haven’t done this already. To begin, first go to your arsenal and activate it. Next, hover over whatever you want to manipulate, and press Upgrade (this is different based on the platform. XBOX: Y button. PS4: Triangle Button. PC: Click because you get the easy one lol). After selecting upgrade, you enter the upgrade interface where you can equip your mods. Additionally, you will find a mod capacity, and your stats. These vary depending on whether or not you are viewing a warframe or a weapon. Whatever you choose to upgrade, it will have a set mod capacity and set stats dependent on the level of the item. Warframe max health, shield, and energy stats are affected by levels and mods while weapon stats are only affected by mods.

Polarities: This is something that is crucial when you mod a weapon, as this can determine if you have enough mod space or not. In most, if not all modable weapons and warframes, some mod slots have special symbols marking them called polarities. Every warframe has a different starting polarity set, and every mod has it’s own unique polarity. The mods have 3 basic polarities: Madurai (V) which focus on damage and powers, Vazarin (D) which focuses on Defense, health and armor, and Naramon (Dash/Bar) Which focus on Utility and other abilities. There are various mods which exist, and several more polarities, but these are the 3 most common ones. Equipping a mod into a slot with a matching polarity automatically drops that mod’s capacity by half so long as it remains in that slot. That being said, if the mod is in a slot with a different polarity, then that mod will have it’s capacity doubling, thus meaning that you have less room for other mods so long as that mod is in the wrong slot. Alternatively, to avoid this, you can place the mod in a slot without a polarity, or polarize the slot using forma (This can only be done after the item has been maxed out to level 30).

Equipping: To equip a mod, select the one you wish to equip, and move it into one of the 8 main slots. Warframes typically have 10 slots, but those are used for an aura mod, and exilus mod.

Aura mods: Aura mods give your warframe an additional passive ability, and add into your mod capacity. There are several aura mods, but they are not easy to come by. You can gain these mods through certain alert missions and trading.

Exilus Mods: Exilus mods are additional mods which can enhance your warframe’s other capabilities. Only exilus mods can be in this slot, so choose wisely. You have a lot to work with. The exilus mod slot cannot be used until the warframe has an Exilus adapter equipped. I forget when exactly this unlocks (either after Forgotten Dreams or Natah is completed), but it is useful later on in the game. Don’t worry about finding it so fast, worry about playing the game and you will eventually gain the tools to unlock this slot.

Weapon Modding: Weapon modding works just like warframe modding, but you only have the 8 main slots. Additionally, you get different mods based on the type of object you wish to mod.

Melee Weapon Modding: Ok I know that I said weapon modding is just like warframe modding, but it gets a bit more complex than that. Melee weapons have an additional slot as well, a 9th one which requires stance mods

Stance Mods: Stance mods allow the player to use combos while the weapon is equipped, and allows more mod space in the weapon.

Personal Mod Recommendations for beginners: Anyone can use mods, but knowing how to use them with certain warframes and builds is a different story. Here are my personal must have recommendations for early game players showing the name, the rank 0 stats, max rank stats, and polarity

Warframe Mods

  • Vitality: +40% health (+440% max) – D
  • Redirection: +40% Shields (+440% Max) – D
  • Flow: +25% max energy (+150% max) – Dash
  • Steel Fiber: +10% armor (+110% max) – D
  • Streamline: +5% power efficiency (+30 max) – Dash
  • Intensify: +5% Power Strength (+30% max) – V
  • Continuity: + 5% Power Duration (+30% max) – V

Weapon Mods

  • Serration: +15% Base damage (+165% Base Damage) – V (Primary weapon only)
  • Point Blank: +15 Base Damage (+90% Base Damage) – V (Shotguns Only)
  • Hornet Strike: +20% Base Damage (+220% Base Damage) – V (Secondary weapon only)
  • Pressure Point: +20% base damage (+120% base damage) – V (Melee Weapons Only)
  • Fury: +5% Attack speed (+30% Attack Speed) – V (Melee Weapons Only)
  • Elemental mods (theres a lot, and thats a whole entire different subject)
  • Split Chamber, Barrel Diffusion (Adds multishot bonus, in other words, you get an extra bullet for every shot you take, thus meaning more damage done in a single shot.) – V (Only for Primary and Secondary Weapons)

Closing Remarks: There are several ways to mod warframes and weapons. Part of the fun in the game is finding the best mod combo for you. there are several ways to boost mod storage, and plenty of frames and weapons to try out. If you want to be able to compete with the best of the best, then be ready because the mods you collect over time are gonna be very useful. For more information in case I didn’t cover something, feel free to take a look at the codex, or look to any help from anyone who may respond, or any other posts among the forums. Good luck Tenno.


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