Hey guys, what’s up it’s iphone here and today, i’m going to be showing you guys how you can farm knightis, prime, the strum frame and the magnus prime really efficiently. Now these prime items came out about five or six hours ago, and i’ve already got all of my stuff sitting at crafting here in the foundry. So here’s the nidus prime here is the magnus prime, and also here is the strand prime. It was a pretty easy farm for me, but that’s simply because the relics i got really lucky with they were dropping like candy, on the places that i was farming for them. And on top of that i came and prepared, because i had a lot of void.

Traces already seared up so i had basically, i think i had 1300 whenever i came into this, so it was really easy void. Faces are really important for this farm, because a lot of the nidus parts are actually rare drops. So what i want you guys to do come over to your codex, go to the universe, tab and go to relics and arcanes and type in the name of the item that you want to farm up. So in this case it is nidus and you can see all of the relics that you want to get to start farming up. Uh knight is for the magnus for the strung or whatever the case may be night for this axi a14 relic.

I was doing the disruption on lua and it was dropping like candy for me there now. The great thing about disruption is the faster. You kill the demolish, which are the enemies that pulse red and are kind of tanky, the faster you kill them, the faster the rotations go around. So that’s why i was able to get a lot of axia 14 relics from there. But if you don’t want to do that, what you can do is you can do a tier 3 interception and then, on rotations b and c, you have a 14.

9 chance uh to get these axia a14 relics. So all of the drop locations are listed down here. So you can, just you know, go to any of these areas and get it but, like i said, tier free interception. So basically any interception mission which is listed here is going to get you a lot and then disruption missions, because you can do them so quickly. You know you’re going to get a lot from those as well.

You can also do, i believe, the plague star bounties and get a few nightest relics from there, but i haven’t actually went into playing star uh this time around yet so i couldn’t uh tell you like how buggy or how efficient it is this time around. So um yeah, just because i haven’t, played it like i’m, not gon na rely or anything, i’m just saying like i haven’t experienced how commonly the uh or how common the relics are within that gamewood. You know so moving on from that we have the neo n16 relic. Now this i did the uranus disruption, because on rotation b and c, you’ve got a chance to get it rotation b, it’s a 14.29 drop and then the rotation c is 13.

6. This dropped like candy as well. It was really easy to get. The other thing is with these relics, whenever you’re cracking them try the crackdown emissions, which also dropped the relics right now. That’S something that you know a lot of like experienced.

Warframe players will do they’ll open up the relics in missions which drop those same relics. So then, like let’s say you open it, you don’t get the thing you want. You might also get the same relic as a reward at the end of the mission. So you can just run it again and hopefully get the part that uh the next time around. The other thing is make sure to be running it with a group of people who are dedicated to the nidus farm right.

So if you all use a relic one at a time right so let’s say one run, i would use a knight as prime relic then the next run. Somebody else would use the nethers prime relic and we all use like different relics. Um. That way. It’S gon na stop you from getting duplicates because you don’t want to end up getting uh.

Let’S say two knight s, prime blueprints from the run run and then one goes to waste. If that makes any sense, so run relics, one by one in every single run, and then that way you maximize efficiency getting uh the sets and stuff like that. If you want to farm multiple sets of knightis and magnus and stuff, like that, it’s more important whenever it comes to vaulted things like atlas was the frame that got vaulted uh prior to knight is being released right. So if you’ve got like atlas, tekko or death, cube relics laying around you might want to like focus farm them with a group of people so um, because nedis relics are gon na be around for a long time because he’s new. It doesn’t matter too much because we’re eventually gon na have a massive backlog of these relics, but just keep that in mind whenever it comes to farming, um, so yeah, the neo, n16 uranus disruption, rotations b and c, you can do said.

The disruption leo disruption tier two interceptions, all that they’re good stuff everything is listed down here, the meso relic. So this is your knight as prime systems. You can get this from tier two defense missions, uranus disruption as well or said, the disruption too, and maybe tier three defense. Those missions all have a 14 jump drop chance for the maestro relics, but i recommend picking one of those and then for the lift relic, which is lift, fan, seven tier one spy missions. I did those really really really fast.

I was able to get a bunch of these relics from there, so that’s just the earth spawn mission or you could also do uh mars disruption and then that’s rotations. A and b you’ve got a 14.29 chance to drop now, while you’re farming, the knights relics you’re. Probably also going to pick up relics for the magnus and also relics for the strand right so for the magnus we’ve got three relics: we’ve got the axi m2, which is for the barrel the meso b6, which is for the blueprint and then the ot5, which is For the receiver, the strum we’ve got axi, which is for the receiver lift t7, which is for the barrel. We’Ve got meso s10, which is for the blueprint and then neo n17, which is for the stock.

Now all of these relics, they essentially drop from the same place as the knights products right. So as long as you’re running the missions to get the united relics, you’re gon na get these relics alongside those knights relics. So it’s gon na be really efficient and uh. Again, whenever you’re opening up your relics, if you’re running missions, which drop these specific relics that you need well, then you’re gon na be getting hopefully uh relics and return whenever you’re cracking them up and maybe not getting the things that you want right. The other thing that you guys can keep in mind if you like, haven’t logged in yet you can go to your syndicates and you can trade, your syndicate, standing or medallions for relic packs right.

So, if you have syndicate medallions laying around you can go and trade. Your medallions at the vendor in the relay to get some more standing to get relic packs. If you don’t have any standing. But if you’ve got your standing cap, then just go ahead and spend all of your standing on opening up these rocks because it’s just an easy way to get some of the rocks. You know it’s basically free rock, so you can get that from all of your sydney kits.

Every single syndicate has a relic pack offering. So that is quite easy and then last, but definitely not least because this is probably like one of the the best ways to get relics nowadays is uh testing. So that’s your steel path stuff. So if you guys didn’t know you can farm steel essence from the steel path, which is the koranku end game game mode of warframe, where enemies levels are increased by 100, they have more armor, they have more health and stuff like that. You can farm steel essence, which is just like a currency, and then we can fast travel to teschen on the relay and we head up to him and he is actually going to sell us relic packs for 15 steel lessons.

So i did that got a bunch of relic packs that way, and it was great, so that is basically it whenever it comes to farming up. You know relic packs and just relics in general for pretty much any prime frame right like a lot of these uh. The drop locations are pretty much the same. Every single prime release, it’s just people like uh, they google, you know hadai get knight as prime, not their type of thing, and it’s worth making a video to let people know hey. All you have to do is jump into your codex type in the name of the prime frame or prime weapon that you want and it shows you all the drop locations and then uh.

You know doing missions to open your relics, which also drop the relics right. That’S how you be efficient with it and uh. You know just just get a lot of relic still because that’s what it comes down to make sure to play frames that are really quick and they’re knocked down immune. So for me i was running goss because his two makes him knock down immune and i was pairing that, with the with the kuva tsar right, so this selects the tp to my arsenal. So this is the gospel that i was running right.

This just allowed me the zoom free stuff uh, you don’t need prime sure fit it on here, because your two makes you knocked down. I mean like i said, and this is just a really sort of beginner friendly – build right, um adaptations on there. So you don’t take a lot of damage. Vitality is on there for more health, lightning dash. You can replace with mobilize if you don’t have it uh auger message for duration.

It’S basically a full duration, build because that is what uh gauss’s abilities, more or less skill with arcane strike for attack, speed, arcane velocity. I would swap that off for archaean energize. If you’ve got it uh. If not, don’t worry too much about it as long as you have the energizing dash, you should be good to go and then for my kuva czar. This is the kuvizar build that i’ve been running.

Of course, you have to swap out the prime beam mod for whatever fashion it is that you’re going up against um for relic content. This honestly doesn’t matter too much. You could just throw another elemental mod in here, and that would be totally fine. Prime firestorm very important because this actually increases the radius of the explosion right so you’re able to spam this at your feet and kill a ton of enemies really really really fast, and it’s just amazing vigilante supply is also very important because you get more ammo pickups From this, which just allows you to keep on spamming, the kuvisar or the kuva brahma at your feet, killing everything and just making these missions go as fast as possible. So i recommend doing the likes of like capture missions, disruption missions, stuff like that, because they go quite fast and that’s pretty much it.

That is all you really need to know whenever it comes to farming, uh knights, prime magnus, prime and the strum prime. So if you guys liked the video hit that, like button below, if you’ll see more warframe content from me, hit, subscribe and i’ll, see you guys in the next video

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