Hello guys, iKamiKaze here. Today we’ll be talking about how to farm relics. As we all know, you need these cabbage looking relics to farm your shiny prime parts. But every time a new prime comes out, new relics are created for them. So in this video, we’ll show you the locations we found that is most efficient and also the team setup we used to make this easy.

So let us begin with the farm. We’ll start off with the Lith Relics, also known as the T1 Relics. These relics are accessible even to new players, as they can be obtained at low level missions. After some testing, we found Odin on Mercury, which is an interception mission, and Orokin Derelict Defense, is the best place to farm Lith Relics. On Odin, Lith relics have a high chance to drop at the Rotation A, which is the 1st two rounds of the mission. If you want to know more about the rotation system, I’ll drop a link in the description below for you. And on Orokin Derelict Defense, Lith relics also have a very high chance to drop at rotation A, which is the 5th, and 10th wave of the mission. For these missions, you don’t really need a particular team setup. But for maximum efficiency, you can use Ember, Excalibur or Equinox to kill the enemies fast.

Now for Mahso Relics, also known as T2 Relics. The most efficient mission we found is Io on Jupiter. This is a corpus defense mission, but still, a quite easy one. Meso relics will have a very high chance to drop at Rotation A, which is the 5th and 10th wave, so you want to clear the 1st 10 waves as fast as possible. Here’s the team setup that we recommend you using if you want to speed farm this mission. You can use either Ember, Equinox or Octavia for this mission, as they have incredibly strong AoE damage. For Ember, just activate World on Fire, and jump around the map to clear off the enemies. For Equinox, get maximum range and activate Mend and Maim, you can simply kill the enemies by standing still as the slash damage is high enough to kill them. For Octavia, just drop your Amp and Mallet, and let the beats do the job for you, simple as that. But I do suggest that you can solo for Lith and Meso, which I find easier, as there are lesser enemies to deal with.

Now let’s move on to NEO and AXI relics, as these 2 are the easiest to farm, in my opinion that is. After our testing, we found Hydron on Sedna, and Xini on Eris are the easiest to obtain these relics. NEO relics will drop at the rotation A, and AXI relics will drop at rotation B and C of these missions. Here’s our team setup to make the farming easier and more efficient. For Hydron, we took Speed Nova, Octavia, Trinity, and Loki.

Speed Nova will speed up the enemies and increase the damage they receive. Octavia will drop AMP and Mallet to clear the enemies effortlessly. Trinity will be there to give energy as usual, the KOTL of warframe. (Keeper of the Light: is a support hero in dota that gives mana) Loki will use disarm to remove the enemies weapons, so they will run towards the Mallet instead of trying to shoot the players. This setup can easily clear wave 20 almost effortlessly, due to Mallet’s unreasonably high damage. Now for Xini, we took Frost, Slow Nova, Trinity, and Equinox. Frost will need maximum range and chilling globe, as this is an interception mission, you just need to slow them as much as possible. Slow Nova will slow the infested as much as possible, so the infested will take their sweet time to reach the panels, which is surrounded by chilling globes. Trinity is, well, we all know why she’s there so let’s move forward. Equinox will use maximum range Maim, to slow the enemies with slash procs when they enter the AoE, and to wipe the enemies with minimum amount of effort when the interception is complete.

These are the best methods we came up with after several testing on each missions, but you can use any setup or mission that you like. But do note that RNG still applies on all these missions, so don’t come bashing my face when the relics don’t drop for you. If you’re sick of farming relics, you can always buy them from other players in the trading chat, if you’re rich enough. But as we’re playing Warfarm, I’ll suggest you to FARM it..

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